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  • Indian Diet Plan for GERD Management
    September 29, 2023

    Indian Diet Plan for GERD Management

    Reading this article, you’re going to understand:

    • what causes GERD,
    • its symptoms,
    • foods to avoid and include.

    Also, how you can beat GERD with mindful eating, regulating/eliminating unhealthy lifestyle habits, regular exercise, and a balanced plant based food plan that remains relevant to our Indian palettes.  

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  • Client Testimony: Hemali's conquest over Type 1 Diabetes.
    July 31, 2023

    Client Testimony: Hemali's conquest over Type 1 Diabetes.

    Table Of Content Meet Hemali S: Defying the Odds. The Initial Challenges: Overcoming Hypoglycemia and Caffeine Addiction. The Power of Positive Lifestyle Changes.A Life Transformed: Hemali's Journey to a Healthier, Happier Self Conclusion: A Testimony of Triumph. How many times...

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  • From PCOS to Fertility- Case Study.
    May 20, 2023

    From PCOS to Fertility- Case Study.

    Table Of Content From Struggle to Success – Understanding The Protocols Of Treatments. Transitioning to a new way of living... Continuing support and motivation... Lifestyle Changes Chosen for Annushree: Healthy Recipes Anushree Tried That Helped Her Healing Journey. The Winning...

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  • My Journey to Overcoming Osteoarthritis (A Case Study).
    May 18, 2023

    My Journey to Overcoming Osteoarthritis (A Case Study).

    Anita's transformation journey is both inspiring and awesome! From always being told that a 'diet' has to be following a set of strict rules and intense physical training, Anita came a very long way in understanding the importance of making sustainable lifestyle changes to help her get in shape. 
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  • Indian Diet Plan for Ulcerative Colitis
    May 14, 2023

    Indian Diet Plan for Ulcerative Colitis

    Living with any kind of gut issues damages more than one's physical health. Quality of life is drastically affected for those struggling with IBS.

    Even the simple task of going out to enjoy a meal or catch up with friends can be challenging and come with anxiety. Having worked with clients globally for IBS/ IBD management, I have come to realise that it is both mental and physical health that needs working on.

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  • How I Cured Pcos Permanently With Indian Diet
    April 22, 2023

    How I Reversed My PCOS Permanently? (Bijal's Case study)

    When I curated my PCOS management program, I had sleepless night's for months. And not in a bad way, but more of an excited way. I was excited by the idea of taking my years of education and experience and creating a guided 6- week step- by- step protocol to help women with PCOS. 

    I would literally stay up thinking of way to make complicated scientific information simple, and create lifestyle changes around them to ensure the results women see are lasting.

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  • Low-histamine Indian Diet Plan
    April 8, 2023

    Low-histamine Diet Plan (Indian Version)

    Low-histamine diet is a relatively new concept in India, but it is gaining popularity among health-conscious individuals looking for a nutritional approach to manage allergies and other histamine-related issues. 
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  • Anti-Inflammatory Diet (Indian Version)
    April 2, 2023

    Indian Diet For Inflammation Management.

    If you accidentally fall and hurt your knee while playing outside, your body will send special cells to that area to help it heal. Notice the scar and pus formation around a healing wound? These are those special cells working their magic! These cells will cause the area to become red, swollen, and maybe a little painful. This is what we call inflammation.
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  • 11 Tips For Acne Management With PCOS
    February 19, 2023

    11 Tips For Acne Management With PCOS

    We all remember going through phases of having the worse acne during adolescence. Most of us would have also tried multiple creams, home remedies and even medication to try and fix the same.

    But in some cases, hormonal fluctuations and bad eating habits can lead to acne prone skin even later in life. PCOS is one such hormonal condition that affects a lot of women around the world. 

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