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How Do You Reverse Hormonal Imbalances: Meghna's Story.

How Do You Reverse Hormonal Imbalances: Meghna's Story.

Are you a busy, working professional? One who seldom finds a few hours to heal, nourish, and take care of health & well-being? Then, you MUST read Meghana’s story! It is an experience of her holistic health transformation. In mind, body & soul.

Meghana describes this program as the best investment in health. This investment paid her (and continues to) super-rich dividends.

When Meghana consulted with us, our initial tests found that she was dealing with a hypothyroid & PCOS. This came as a shocker to Meghna too as she did not know this till we got her blood work checked.

Fast forward through our program,

  • her thyroid levels have dropped (TSH down from 18 to 5 in just 3 months!), and,
  • her PCOS symptoms also completely reversed.

Let’s read through Meghana’s beautiful journey. From her initial challenges & how she found solutions to her top three lifestyle management tips for everyone. We will also share her favourite recipes. And why she suggests everyone should take charge of their health.

For the listeners VS the readers, here is Meghna in conversation with her nutrition coach Masoomi:

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Meghna's Initial Challenges & Solutions.

As is common with many young working professionals, Meghna had no clue about why she was feeling so lethargic and low on energy. She had little to no understanding of nutrition, and the impacts of a bad lifestyle on overall wellbeing.

We are often not taught about nutritional interventions to managing immunity, anxiety, energy levels etc. Most often when we fall sick, we rush to doctors VS looking at what made us sick in the first place. Our access to hyper- palatable foods and fast- paced lifestyle leaves us with no room to heal our system.

So, even though Meghna would eat a salad on occasion or exercise every now and then, there was no consistent, directed efforts. Meghna also worked very long hours, thanks to being a bright- young lawyer, and functioned on very little sleep. She also ate out a lot due to her long and exhausting work hours.

client roshni sanghvi

Masoomi, Meghna's nutrition coach understood her busy lifestyle and vowed to make changes that are easy to follow and very impactful.

That was another aspect that Meghna appreciated about working with Masoomi. It’s how we were able to build around her lifestyle and preferences. Meghna worked long hours and we could not ask her to quit her job, ofcourse. She was also very competitive with regard to her professional growth and we did not want to do anything that would slow her down. Instead, Masoomi came up with recipes and lifestyle changes that Meghna could stick with inspite of her busy career life.

Meghana does also see herself as someone who looks for immediate results. Like a lot of us. So, in her initial days of the program, she was too eager to see results from day 1! She would even check her weight twice a day to see ‘results’. And imagine her frustration when the scale shows a slight increase in weight sometimes.

However, Masoomi was always there to help set realistic expectations for Meghna and explain her every aspect of the program with patience.

Meghana was impatient about making all the lifestyle changes suggested in a single day. Not possible even for the best of us! Putting that much pressure on herself. And then being hard on herself when she wasn’t able to do everything.

She was also dealing with intense food cravings. As is normal with PCOS and hormonal imbalances. However, practicing breathwork and gradually including a lot of anti- inflammatory foods that help reduce cravings, guided by Masoomi, helped her break through the cravings. Today, Meghna shares a much more positive relationship with food.

Masoomi is very skilled at helping people change their attitude towards food and body image. Here is another one of her client transformation stories:

Masoomi’s gentle, patient, persistent guidance and encouragement proved crucial in the early days. Meghna realized the importance of having someone finally hold her accountable for her daily lifestyle to-do’s.

The importance of incremental progress was emphasised.

All she needed to do was:

  • show up every day.
  • Make those small adjustments.
  • Wake up a little earlier.
  • Sit in the sunlight for 5 mins.
  • Switch one meal from white rice to millet.

Doing so helped Meghna realize that good things do take time and consistent effort.

The amazing results began to come her way of course! She started to see and feel REAL changes in mind, body, and soul. That was the catalyst for her to become determined to give our program a real chance. She identified the triggers that lead to energy levels dropping and made changes like swapping her endless cup's of coffee's with herbal tea's. Sunlight exposure in the morning helped her also improve her improve the quality of sleep she was getting, thus, reducing her dependency on coffee even more.

Most of us are coffee- awake zombies and we dont even realise it.

roshni sanghvi coffee

Once she started seeing real changes, Meghna felt motivated to continue with her efforts. To make mindful, informed choices every day!

Meghna's Top Lifestyle Changes on The Program.

Every client on the program takes away a few things that become a part of them forever. Here are Meghna's top few lifestyle changes:

  • Winning in the Morning

The biggest lifestyle change Meghana took away from our program was developing her kickass morning routine!

Meghna was working till late int he evenings, thus, Masoomi bartered for her time in the morning instead. Masoomi curated a morning routine that helped Meghna stay motivated all day long.

Earlier, mornings were a rushed time, having no time to do anything wholesome for herself. Now, she has a strict no-screen morning rule. Something all of us could use a little right?

  • Taking at least 5 mins to get sunshine exposure is a MUST.
  • Plus, a little exercise. Whatever suits her in that moment.
  • Then, a wholesome breakfast complete with fruits, whole grains, healthy fats and micronutrients to help the body heal.

Meghna swears by her routine even today and knows her energy levels stay up all day because of her morning schedule.

  • Movement is Life

Being active as a lifestyle is different from being active for one hour at the gym everyday. Watch the first part of this video:

For Meghana, that switch meant,

  • taking the stairs over the lift at the office.
  • being mindful of getting a short 10-minute walk in after every meal etc.

Such a type of small, occurring movement is referred to as NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis). In simple terms, it is the calories we burn through daily movement in our lives, excluding structured exercises. Even the simplest of movements like walking, stretching, and standing all add to NEAT.

Plus, it improves mood! Meghana found herself being calmer and happier as a result of this change. So, keep moving, a little bit, every day!

  • Mindful Eating Leading to Healthy Eating

The third lifestyle change and the most important one was to develop mindful eating.

Earlier, Meghana would ‘go with the flow’ and eat whatever and whenever. Being a busy working professional meant she didn’t always have the time for regular meals. This meant frequent snacking, late meals, and so on.

weight loss snack ideas

All of which add up to an unhealthy digestive system. She battled with frequent bouts of constipation

Now, she’s well prepared to address her body’s nutrition requirements. Smoothies have become a staple breakfast. And she loves them! While in the office, she is well prepared with a stock of nuts and seeds to munch on. And about her meals, she is on top of things.

Despite long working days, she makes it a point to prep her veggies for the next day’s meals. Giving her cook clear instructions on what to make. So much so that even her cook has become accustomed to making her healthy, wholesome meals. Eating more fibre has helped strengthen her digestive system.

We have discussed the importance of dietary fibre before. Even more important than protein, we all must eat a good amount of dietary fibre in a day. And the best source of fibre is of course fruits and vegetables.

Meghna also loves to end her day with a refreshing spearmint tea! She is so delighted with the relaxing effects that she carries spearmint tea with her on travels and recommends it to everyone who asks her about it!

Meghna's Favourite Recipes

Being a south Indian, Idli, and Pongal are regular preparations at her home.

We provided her with awesome healthy versions. While Idly's and Pongal still continue to be her staple, we have added a healthy twist! Masoomi introduced Meghna to the world of millet's.

Her father now insists that they only prepare Millet Idlis!

Millet Idly weight loss

Here’s my go-to Millet Idli Recipe!

Her personal favorite recipe from the program is the Mushroom, Bhindi, and Sweet potato curry! She’s prepared it for her family a few times now and it's gotten her many compliments!

Earlier, she was concerned that her friends and family would find her new recipes bland. Far from that, everyone loves the new healthy recipes and requests them!

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Meghna's Recommendations

Meghna recommends our health transformation program to anyone serious enough about making a change!

Her message to you is this –

“Always remember why you started on this journey. There may be people, places, or situations that make you feel discouraged. But, always remember WHY you chose to be on this health transformation journey”

What she liked about our program was –

“This isn’t a single-minded kind of program. Only focussing on medication or only on exercises. This program introduced me to a holistic approach to health. Mind-Body-Soul."

From meditations and breathwork guidance to yoga exercises, and workouts. To customize food plans and of course the frequent, weekly follow-up consultations. That kept me motivated and accountable. Thanks, Masoomi!”

She says,

“It's important to take it one step at a time. Our bodies didn’t get unhealthy all at once, did they? Then how can we expect our body to heal immediately? We must be kind and patient with ourselves. And this is exactly what working with Masoomi helped me realize!”

Thank you for that glowing recommendation, Meghana!

Your journey and transformation inspire us to continue doing what we do!

Meghana’s story stands testament that we are not victims of our busy lives. With the right guidance, motivation, and support, you can overcome any health condition you are struggling with!

If this testimonial has inspired you and you would like to take that first step to address your health!

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Roshni Sanghvi is an Indian plant-based sports nutritionist and body transformation specialist. She is the first Indian to represent on a national bodybuilding stage being on a 100% plant-based diet. Roshni is a holistic nutritionist, graduated from the prestigious NutraPhoria college of nutrition in Canada.

She is also an ACE-certified personal trainer, certified PlantFed gut coach, certified Bodyshred, and Animal flow instructor with a specialisation in disease reversal through food and lifestyle modification.

Her approach is more focused on helping you in adopting a healthy lifestyle. With her result-oriented holistic methods, she has managed to transform and reverse lifestyle diseases such as PCOS, Thyroid, Diabetes etc for 12k+ clients worldwide.