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How Archana Overcame IBS and Took Charge Of Her Health- Client Transformation Story.

How Archana Overcame IBS and Took Charge Of Her Health- Client Transformation Story.

This is the powerful transformation story of Archana, a writer and creative professional.

Despite being an active Yoga & and Kalaripayattu practitioner, Archana struggled with IBS. IBS can be crippling and impact one's quality of life. Archana too struggled with hemmoroids and constipation when she joined the program. But above all, she did not feel in her peak health. She was always lethargic and felt uneasy.

Feeling overwhelmed and stressed, Archana decided to take charge of her health and seak help. What she experienced from working closely with Amisha and Team RS was nothing short of life-changing!

Read on!

Initial Challenges & Lasting Results!

Archana has been generous to share her transformation story here with us, so it can be a source of inspiration to many other people who suffer in silence.

Her daily routine during the program completely transformed. From seeking comfort in sugary beverages daily to looking forward to making her glass of smoothies, she has certainly come a very long way.

smoothie for IBS

“Food wasn't a priority to me. No thought went into it. Anything convenient like bread and butter in the morning is what I'd go for. Eating out would mostly be paneer and some form of maida roti or butter kulcha. There wasn't a specific focus on conscious eating”- Archana

Is this not how most of us tend to live? This is also the growing reason for IBS/ IBD cases in today's generation.

If you are unsure what IBS is, watch this:

When Archana joined the program, she was not even aware about the severity of her condition. But the initial consultation with our team gastroenterologist and functional medicine doctor helped put things into perspective for her.

Did you know, that over 10% of the global population is estimated to be coping with some or the other form of IBS

A condition more prevalent in females and symptomized by unpredictable changes in bowel movements, crippling abdominal pain, and a persistent feeling that bowels are not empty even after a movement.

Once Archana’s root causes for IBS were systematically identified by my team, it was then a matter of developing a comprehensive health plan, tailored to Archana’s case. Amisha's role, Archana's nutrition coach was pivotal here. Amisha ensured curating a plan that was not only specific to Archana's condition, but personalised to make it easy for her to follow.

By trusting the process and staying connected with Amisha and being consistent with the nutrition plan we created for her, Archana is in a much better place now. She was the easiest client to work with. Her self motivation and resilience to change truly made all of us happy on the team.

Here is a few snapshots of how Archana ate before the program started:

IBS bad diet

She was not even aware of how mindlessly she was eating sugar, fatty dairy products and processed foods. Her go- to meals were packaged foods and empty calories.

Amisha realised the same and was quick to make changes necessary to keep Archana excited about the program and still heal the body. Here is how she ate on the program:

IBS diet chart

Archana experienced an 80% remission in IBS symptoms in just 3 months! And, is determined to stay vigilant and mindful of her body’s signals and nutrition.

Archana now feels confident and empowered that in the situation that she does face a relapse of her IBS condition from eating something unsuitable, she now knows what immediate steps to take to identify and eliminate that food from her diet and take charge of her health!

It Takes A Team!

Having access to my skilled team of nutritionists and Functional Medicine Doctors made Archana feel nurtured, supported, coached, healed, and cared for together!

Archana described it as a holistic health recovery system.

  • First, diagnosing the condition and prescribing medicines where required.
  • Next, create a customized lifestyle & nutrition plan.
  • Implementing the plan together with regular nutrition consulting + building positive lifestyle changes.
  • On- going motivation, support and tweeks when required. This was constantly taken care by Amisha.

Having this approach made it easy for Archana to follow the plan. She had 24/7 access to us and resolve questions when needed. We highly insist our clients ask us questions instead of blindly following everything we tell them to do. This is the only way they will make a change at the mental level and sustain their progress.

Archana made sure to pen down all her doubts and got back to us with a big list every week. Amisha patiently answered these for her and even provided scientific data where needed. This help the client gradually build trust in our approach and even enjoy her journey along the way.

Simultaneously, consistent and targeted efforts are made to ensure that ONLY the right kind of foods are being consumed. As well as, paying close attention to unlearning harmful lifestyle behaviors (diet, hydration, exercise, and sleep) and replacing them with positive, empowering, and lasting habits.

Archana's Top Lifestyle Suggestions.

We always love asking clients what they took back the most from the program. Here is what Archana suggests as important changes for everyone.

  • Develop a Time- Restricted Eating Habit.

Man was never made to digest foods very late in the night. Before the program started, Archana never paid attention to her eating habits. often times, she would eat right before going to bed and wake up to the sight of food again. This does not give our digestive system enough time to rest and repair.

By practicing Time-restricted eating, Archana felt more active, lighter, agile, mentally calm & focused. Because of maintaining an eating window of only 10 hours (fasting for 14 hours), Archana was inspired to take charge of her nutrition by planning her meals in advance.

As a bonus, she now has no more time for junk food!

Not convinced about Intermittent Fasting yet? Check out my blog on

Being a creative person, she worked late into the night, thinking that’s where she was the most creative!

But at what cost?

Archana would then wake up closer to noon the next day, feeling lazy and low on energy.

We all have an in- build circadian clock that we function on. None of us are naturally "night owl's". But rather, exposure to bright light late at night keeps us awake. Couple this with caffeine exposure at the wrong time and afternoon naps, we have the perfect recipe for disaster.

Our gut health, mental health, emotional well- being, detox system and many more processes in the body are disrupted when we choose to break our circadian cycle.

Our bodies constantly operate according to an internal ‘clock’ that we call our circadian rhythm. This unseen but very real rhythm determines many factors about how our body & mind function.

circadian cycle and IBS

For example, early in the morning, at approximately 7 am, our body secretes a hormone called cortisol. Known as the ‘stress’ hormone, this essentially gets us awake and out of bed, ready to face the day. Similarly, at about 9 pm, our body secretes melatonin, which acts in direct opposite to cortisol and induces a feeling of sleep.

Most of us, ignore these signs that our body gives us. As did Archana.

Learning and living in tune with her circadian rhythms has been a game-changer for Archana. In fact, has boosted her creativity!

Now she wakes up promptly before 7 am, goes to bed by 10:30, and makes sure she gets enough sunlight exposure every day!

You might think what does sleep have to do with IBS. But various lifestyle factors including sunlight exposure early morning and sleep habits can trigger the growth of inflammatory or non- inflammatory bacteria in the gut. This is why our approach to disease management is "holistic" and not unidirectional.

  • Eating the Rainbow!

Amisha would regularly emphasise the importance of covering all the food groups, backed by many many delicious recipes that she curated for Archana. Initially, Archana did not even know what those food groups were!

This was also coupled by a low FODMAP approach based on Archana's condition. Amisha very carefully curated a meal plan that was customised to help Archana both heal and thrive.

Broadly, the main food groups included for Archana were:

  • Anti- inflammatory Fruits
  • Vegetables (from different categories)
  • Unprocessed Whole Grains
  • Dark Leafy Greens
  • Easy to digest Legumes and Pulses
  • Unroasted Nuts/ Seeds
  • Anti- Oxidant rich Herbs and Spices

She remembers the concept of a balanced diet from her school days but was far from applying it in her adult life. initially, there was little to no fibre intake in Archana's diet, and no fruits outside of having a banana or two every other week! This quickly changed with Amisha's guidance.

Moving Past Destructive Eating Habits Through Food Journalling!

Dedicatedly maintaining a food journal in the first week of the program made Archana realize that her meals mostly consisted of sugary, dairy-rich, hyper-processed foods and simple carbs - a dangerous combination!

There’s something truly stirring about writing down what we eat every day. What I say is that doing so creates clarity in terms of what exactly needs improving/removing/adding to your meals.

As a result, Archana has gone from consuming 8 spoons of sugar a day to 1 spoon per week!!

Ditching the Dairy = Winning the IBS Battle.

dairy and IBS

Understanding the root cause of IBS symptoms is crucial. Read this to know more:

IBS can be caused by several reasons.

  • H. Pylori infection,
  • Past Trauma,
  • Chronic Constipation,
  • Anxiety and Stress,
  • Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), and,
  • gut dysbiosis

are just some of the factors that contribute to IBS symptoms.

Lactose, a sugar naturally found in milk, is one of the most significant irritants to the gut. As infants, we have lactase, an enzyme that helps us digest lactose (milk).

As we age, our bodies stop producing lactase, making it challenging to digest dairy, which could manifest in IBS symptoms.

Read the below for more:

Archana, like many of my clients, experienced an improvement in symptoms the moment she dropped dairy.

Adulteration of milk is another reason to avoid it:

Overall Health & Mindset Transformation in 12 weeks!

Today, Archana is confident about healing herself. Becoming aware and mindful of how to maintain her health and well-being on a day-to-day basis has been the biggest mindset transformation!

This confidence stems from an experiential understanding of her body's daily nutrition requirements. Most of us maintain an unhealthy dependence on the convenience of ordering a meal online.

Ask Archana, she will tell you emphatically that such meals that we consume, may make us feel satiated for a short while but do not add anything more in terms of nourishment.

Call them empty calories!

“Eat Anything You Want, Just Cook It Yourself” – Michael Pollen

Taking charge of your meals by cooking them yourself changes your palette fundamentally. Yes, it takes determination and a little trial and error, but hey, that’s what we are here to help you with!

If you’re concerned about picking up cooking skills, don’t be! My team and I will be there every step of the way to help you develop the skills, mindset, and confidence to get you cooking plant based meals adjusted for your taste preferences!

Archana discovered the joy of preparing a wholesome, delicious, colorful, smoothie bowl for her breakfasts. There’s something just magical about starting the day with a smoothie bowl. It’s filling, refreshing, and ticks all the boxes of your daily nutrition requirements.

The more Archana cooked for herself, the less she craved unhealthy foods!

Archana’s IBS Advise

“Become comfortable talking about it, reach out for help proactively.Have the courage and confidence to stand up for yourself. This program is an ocean of information and support that has helped me! So know that you are not alone in this journey. You can do this! The team practices what they preach. This team brings their 100 %, passion and dedication to helping with my health transformation”

If you are serious about making positive health changes, Sign up below for a complimentary consultation call with my team!

Let’s start writing your transformation story!

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