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  • Gluten- yay or no?

    Apr 23 2022

    Let's see what science says. Why is everyone climbing the gluten-free train lately? And more importantly, what does science say? A huge ...

  • Does a plant-based diet give you a competitive edge?

    Apr 23 2022

    Do athletes survive or thrive on a vegan diet? Have you watched the documentary The Game Changers on Netflix yet? If not, do it today! I...

  • Can ovarian cysts be reversed?

    Apr 23 2022

    Struggling with PCOS? Give this a read. I have ovarian cysts, should I be concerned? Ovarian cysts, a rather common phenomenon among sev...

  • Which alcohol leads to man- boobs?

    Apr 23 2022

    Steer clear from this drink! Since we are on the topic of man- boobs... Beer and Man Boobs? Does consuming too much of your weekend alc...

  • Soy and man- boobs?

    Apr 23 2022

    Let's look at some research here. Here is another newsletter telling you that soy is not only healthy but NECESSARY for a wholesome diet...