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Deshna's Transformation Journey: Mindful Choices and Regaining Health.

Deshna's Transformation Journey: Mindful Choices and Regaining Health.

Taking the first step to improve one's health requires dedication, support, and a profound desire for change. Deshna's testimonial is a tale of her success. In pursuit of well-being, energy, and a lifestyle centred around right nutritional choices.

Deshna initially joined us as a concerned mother trying to bring about a change in the way her family and she ate. She was self- motivated but lacked the right direction. This is exactly where we helped her. Under the guidance of Ami, one of our nutrition coaches, Deshna quickly absorbed what we taught, like a blotting paper and began her journey.

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Read her experiences, victories, and the transformative impact of having the right person guiding you!

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Deshna's Initial Struggles and Motivation.

Deshna, like many of us today, needed a change in her eating habits. She had low energy levels, intense sugar cravings and lack of motivation to exercise. So much so that every meal felt incomplete without a little sugar to finish. The same applied to eating biscuits and drinking sugary, aerated drinks. She consumed a lot more hyper- palatable foods than she was even self- aware of.

Deshna loved going to the movies to watch the latest film releases. It became a regular habit to watch a flick with a nice tall glass of a soft drink accompanied by a serving of popcorn.

Can we blame her ;) Dont we all give in to hyper- palatable foods around us. The secret is, understanding how much is too much and how much is ok. Try having a bucket of popcorn without a movie screen. You will probably throw up. Too much salt and grease from the popcorn is only palatable when we are mindlessly eating it.

Sugar- sweetened beverages is another addiction you want to stay away from. Sugar's and artificial sweetener's in sugar- free beverages lead to a dopamine rush to our brains. We then tend to crave sugary foods to experience that dopamine rush again. This is a very unhealthy cycle.

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In hindsight, she can see how destructive that habit was. Especially for her energy levels.

Sugar overconsumption leads to decreased energy levels and fatigue. After consuming a nice sweet treat, an energy surge comes for about 30 minutes. Then comes the crash. And the addictive feeling of wanting more sweets to eat.

This is exactly what Deshna struggled with in the past. Now, she has broken free of her sugar cravings. Coke and popcorn at the theater no more! Now its a movie with a small cup of hot, black coffee!

A Fantastic Support System.

Deshna's had the unwavering support provided by Ami and my team.

Our availability and responsiveness was round the clock. This ensured that her every doubt and question was addressed.

The most crucial part of any transformation journey is the assurance that you are taken care of when in need. Ami and Vishala, both working on Deshna's team were very hands- on when it came to responding to her questions and helping her in every step of the way.

In fact, deshna quickly realised that a lot of leafy greens were not available where she lived and Ami helped Deshna plan a small house- garden. Towards the end of the program, Deshna's garden grew enough greens (and some other veggies) to feed the whole family and more!

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Accountability and positive motivation plays a very crucial role in a client's transformation journey.

Can Tasty Food Also Be Healthy?

My biggest message tot he world is that healthy food is tasty! You simply must be know how to cook ti well. Thanks to our customised meal plan and recipes, Deshna's transformation was seemless! Her perception that nutrition has to be restrictive was broken. She was eating more food than ever before and tastier food than ever before.

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Deshna navigated this transition like a pro. This had a positive impact on her well-being and that of her family and community too!

She has observed that during this phase, she didn't miss any of the previous unhealthy foods she used to eat. Ami's curated menu plan for her was in such a way that she didn't feel like she giving up anything. Our plan emphasised the addition of whole foods that delighted and surprised.

Deshna even took to searching for different recipes and customising it as per her health. This is our eventual goal! To be able to teach a client to take control of their health and reduce dependency on us.

Some of her favourite recipes from the program are:

  • Quinoa pulao/upma/fried rice
  • Ladakhi Thupka/Ragi Soups (my personal favourite too!)
  • Oats chilla

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When Deshna & fam are hosting guests at home, she prepares a scrumptious spread of healthy plant- forward dishes that wow everyone in the room!

By realising, the importance of self-reliance, she is growing her leafy greens in her home garden, even becoming a distributor of sorts in her hometown of Saharanpur!

Deshna's Lifestyle Suggestions to All.

While a lot of lifestyle changes are covered through any clients program, all clients pick a few things that become a part of their DNA. Why do I emphasise on lifestyle changes so much? Here is why:

Here is Deshna's top picks:

Prioritizes Time-Restricted Eating:

Deshna now makes sure to have her last meal of the day by 7:30 pm latest. Even if she has to attend a social evening outing, she priorities her meal times over everything.

How does this help?

Time- restricted eating is amongst the most important predictor of chronic diseases. When we are not eating, our body is working on detoxing and cleaning. Constantly eating interferes with the bodies natural detox process and accelarates ageing.

Deshna's lifestyle was also such that she had a lot of social gatherings and outings at night. But putting a strict full stop to eating after 7:30 pm ensured she did not indulge in mindless nibbling when she was out with her friends.

Increased Water Intake:

This is one lifestyle change that we ALL need to imbibe, consistently. Hydration is a key component of healthy living. That is a fact. No arguing that. For Deshna, once she started hydrating more, even just drinking half a liter more than her regular consumption, her health improved.

Repeated UTI's, kidney disorders, cravings, fatugue, certain nutrient deficiencies are all related to water intake. Optimal water intake is the easiest lifestyle change you can accomodate.

Ami got creative here and helped Deshna with herbal infusions and herbal tea recipes. Deshna had delicious tasking water at all time around her. Thus, ti was easy for her to simply sip more :)

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Avoid Hyper- Palatable Foods.

One of the biggest lifestyle changes Deshna experienced came from within. It was cultivating deeper mindfulness with her food choices. One of the prime examples of this started in her kitchen. Earlier, she was liberal with the amount of oil used during cooking.

Now, armed with the knowledge of why cooking oils are more harmful than beneficial, she has greatly reduced her oil usage.

Read my blog on why cooking oils are more CON than PRO for your health.

Deshna had kinda of lost the love for cooking earlier, coupled with her low energy levels, it was no wonder. Now, as her overall health & well-being have improved greatly, she found a newfound love for healthy cooking! She is investing her time wisely in researching the best recipes, techniques, and ingredients out there.

She has confidently adopted the customised meal plan that we provided. Even, using her own renewed creativity to come up with wonderful new versions of the recipes we shared.

Her enthusiasm for our healthy recipes has extended to her husband and her young son too! Both enjoy the food she makes at home now. Seeing their positivity has only further encouraged Deshna!

Accountability: The Secret Ingredient to Weight Management.

Deshna felt encouraged and motivated by having weekly follow-up calls throughout the program. Especially at the beginning of the program. Having constant assurance that she was going in the right direction gave Deshna intrinsic motivation to continue. She had Ami's kind, unwavering support through that transition time.

The calls helped her understand how to deal with sugar cravings.

Here is a tip we shared with her. Read closely.

So, whenever a craving arises, I guide you to immediately think of the foods you have already eaten. Have you eaten enough? Have you eaten right? Have you drank enough water?

Doing so gives you instant awareness of the body's needs at that moment.

By getting reminders from us about practicing this, Deshna was able to observe the sensations of sugar cravings as they arose. Ami's follow-up calls provided Deshna with great strength and determination to work on herself a little bit every day!

She received many compliments on her renewed health and well-being. Deshna acknowledges her transformation to this program.

In her own words -

"I always mention to others about checking out Roshini's IG profile! There are many 'health coaches' out there. What I felt set Rohshi's team apart from the rest was her genuine interest in making people healthier. Increasing awareness about just how important it is to take care of one's health. To make the right choice, to eat right, to stay fit. It's all very genuine!"

Deshna's glowing recommendation of our program stands testament to the years of hard work, dedication, and excellence of my team.

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About Roshni Sanghvi

Roshni Sanghvi is an Indian plant-based sports nutritionist and body transformation specialist. She is the first Indian to represent on a national bodybuilding stage being on a 100% plant-based diet. Roshni is a holistic nutritionist, graduated from the prestigious NutraPhoria college of nutrition in Canada.

She is also an ACE-certified personal trainer, certified PlantFed gut coach, certified Bodyshred, and Animal flow instructor with a specialisation in disease reversal through food and lifestyle modification.

Her approach is more focused on helping you in adopting a healthy lifestyle. With her result-oriented holistic methods, she has managed to transform and reverse lifestyle diseases such as PCOS, Thyroid, Diabetes etc for 12k+ clients worldwide.