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Diabetes Management Program

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  • Sadly, when discussing diabetes management, people always talk about what not to eat- and the list is endless! But true healing happens with the right foods to eat. The type that helps you with reversing diabetes and not only managing it. 

    With lifestyle changes and a good nutrition plan, diabetes is not only preventable but also reversible. 

    Note here, that lifestyle changes come much before nutritional changes. 

    So what exactly do you mean by 'lifestyle changes'?

    Here is one example: 

    Since the birth of the planet, people have been sleeping when the sun goes down and rising with the sun. We all have an in-built circadian clock, that determines the rise and fall of certain hormones in the body.

    Now research shows that going off our natural sleep cycle even for a few days causes pre- diabetic markers for non-diabetic individuals. In fact diabetic patience who have bad sleep habits, have a 23% higher fasting blood glucose.  

    So one (among 12) of the lifestyle changes we will adopt is to develop specific strategies to help you sleep better. This itself (without nutritional changes) is enough to start seeing a difference. A nutrition plan is only an add-on benefit to see faster results. 

  • One of the primary reasons people choose this program globally is due to a diverse team of experts working in synchrony with each other to help you with disease reversal.

    As your sugar levels continue to improve with nutritional and lifestyle changes, you will also have our doctors continually tweek your medication dosage. Our doctors too believe in healing through food! Depending on the program you choose, you will be working with: 

    • Roshni Sanghvi- Holistic Nutritionist and Renowned Lifestyle modification Specialist
    • Functional Medicine Doctor 
    • Psychologist (for metal health)
    • A Senior Disease- Reversal Nutritionist and Recipe Curator.

  • The program is divided into two parts:

    1) Introduction to Lifestyle Changes: These are scientifically proven changes to help with diabetes management.

    2) Accountability and Adoption Phase: Here we ensure to hand hold you so you never have to worry about the diseases coming back again. 

    In the first six weeks, we will make 12 specific changes in your lifestyle that help you with disease management/ reversal.

    Through years of education and experience, Roshni has hand-picked 12 specific changes she will walk you through. Your personal nutrition coach will further help incorporate them into your lifestyle. 

    In the next phase, we will track your food diary more closely, assess weekly tests, and make sure your body is healing. Your medications will also start reducing in this phase. 

    Will I have access to RS fitness and nutrition app?

    Yes, you will have full access to our fitness/ nutrition app, including weekly lifestyle changes/ recipe videos/ daily motivational and educational content.

    In the second part of the program, we will also be tracking your food diary on a weekly basis. The app also gives you 24/7 access to Roshni's private messenger so you are always connected. 

  • Does the program guarantee results?

    Like any other program on this website, this program too guarantees you will be healthier than when you joined. While pre-diabetes and type- 2 diabetes can almost always be reversed, type-1 diabetes can be managed to a great extent, with minimal use of medication. 

    In most cases, our doctor will help clients get off medications, for some, we might only suggest reducing the medications and preventing future complications. 

    Note here, this program focuses on 'lifestyle changes and not a temporary diet plan. Please do not join if you are looking for a 'quick temporary fix'. 

Assured Personalisation
Award Winning Nutritionist
On- Going Support
Results Guaranteed

Let's Just Talk. No Obligations.

I do free consultations every Tuesday's and Thursday's. Either way you will get some actionable tips to reach your fitness goals faster.

Expertise Assured

With 9+ years of experience and having worked with over a 10000 clients globally, you get nothing but the best team working for your health.

Why Team RS?

Why Team RS?

Your transformation is more than a service – it's a collaboration fuelled by our team's passion.

That's why we only work with a few clients each month. We want to give you our full attention and 100%.

We're here to listen – really listen to your symptoms, often overlooked by busy doctors.

Our goal is to help you in a sustainable and personalised way. Choosing to work with us means having a team dedicated to your growth, ready to go the extra mile for you.

How Does Our Program Work?

Take the First Step.

Sign- up for your program online or get on a 15- minute exploratory call with us to understand how this program can help you.

Let's Explore Together.

Let's get on a longer induction call of 60- minutes once you have filled in your lifestyle and medical history form. Here is where we understand your needs better.

Make The Switch.

Once we customise your meal plan and lifestyle guidelines, let's make small tweeks in your lifestyle and eating habits. These are personalised to your goals.

Make It A Lifestyle.

Eventually, your results are only a product of your lifestyle changes. Work with your nutrition coach to make changes that become a part of your very daily life forever.


How Will You Benefit From This Plan?

How Will You Benefit From This Plan?

  • Personalised Lifestyle Changes for Sustainable Results.
  • Connect With Local Produce Vendors And Community Members.
  • Eat As Per Your Ethnicity And Personal Preference.
  • Say Good- Bye to Diseases From The Root- Cause.
  • Weekly Accountability And Motivation Sessions To Keep You Inspired.
  • Least Nutrition Coach- to- Member Ratio Than Any Other Leading Organisation To Assure Success.