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Full transformation program.

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The platinum package is where I am hand- holding you personally and helping you every step of the transformation.

Everything from your sleep routine to what goes on your plate to how many steps you take will be discussed in this package and I will modify your entire lifestyle, leaving you with positive changes that you can carry on for the rest of your life. We will go over nutrition/ fitness and lifestyle changes as discussed below.


This package is personalised as per your individual needs. I will first discuss your lifestyle and food habits and make a meal plan as per your needs. We then revise the plan in 2- 3 weeks to see if we need to make changes based on your progress.

This plan covers only nutrition and meal planning. Every plan is unique and based on your goals, likes and dislikes, mental association with food, cooking time available, access to produce, stress levels, macro, and micronutrient requirement etc.

I do not advertise nor believe in ‘low- carb’ or ‘low- calorie’ diets. No matter what your goals, you will be eating a minimum of 1600 calories and still getting results (unless of course, you are competing.)

The plan is also extremely goal oriented and as long as you stick with it, I can guarantee you will see results.

Our weekly calls with the team will further help us assess your progress and make changes when needed. 


This plan includes access to my fitness app with daily exercise schedule, videos with correct form to help you follow the exercises and motivation tracker.

The app tracks your progress, daily steps, food intake and much more. I will also be able to monitor your posture and correct you if and when needed. You can choose to exercise from home or hit the gym. I want to make fitness easy for you. It should just merge into your schedule like playing with your pet or brushing your teeth.

This plan includes a workout plan based on your medical history, goals, convenience, health history, preferences etc. Once again, as long as you are on track, results is my

With all- access to my training app, tracking your food/ fitness and lifestyle habits cannot get easier. 

Lifestyle modification:

Overtime and working with 100s of clients across the globe, I know that only changes you make to stick to throughout your life will define your transformation. Lifestyle modification is the most important step of my plans.

We take 2-3 sustainable lifestyle changes per day and stick with them till they ease into our daily lives. If someone asks me how they can lose weight or get fit without diet or exercise, my answer will be through lifestyle changes.

Small changes like pre- loading calories before meal for fat loss or boosting your AMPK through food go a long way. Not only will I tell you what lifestyle changes to make as per your body goals, but will also send you research articles along the way for you to read through and understand the WHY between what I am saying.

Let's Just Talk. No Obligations.

I do free consultations every Tuesday's and Thursday's. Either way you will get some actionable tips to reach your fitness goals faster.

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