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 Q. How does online training work?

A. While the world is going virtual, fitness is going real! If you are reading this, by now, you obviously know the dynamics of the internet and it is here, that I deemed it to be my responsibility to share my knowledge and fitness expertise to those who cannot reach out to me in person. And all you got to do is, book yourself online, share with me the time and commitment you can make towards your fitness, and I will assist in creating workouts and diet charts that will ensure you achieve your goals, just as effectively as a trainer in person would!

Once you signup you will get a mail within 48 hours, with a set of extensive lifestyle and medical /health questionnaires from me seeking details of your health and fitness goals. Please go through the same and reply with all details. I'll then revert with a tailor-made program exclusively for you within a week.

Q. How do I know which program would be best suitable for me?

A. All individuals have different fitness requirements. Some come in with a short-term fitness plan to look best on their special day, while some choose to look great every day. Hence, please feel free to mail me your fitness goals and I’ll revert with programs that best suit your need.

Q. Can I make deferred payment?

A. Besides being a fitness coach, I am a clinical psychologist too. I found in my experience that commitment levels are low to anything that comes easily or free. That is why we insist on full payment upfront for all our fitness plans so that you don’t ever ‘defer’ your fitness commitments to self!

Q. Will there be refund?

A. Before you plunge into my world for your fitness requirements, ensure you know where you entering! Refunds policy is for the fragile, I do not compromise on my commitments to you and hence, refunds do not exist.

Q. Do I need special equipment?

A. Working with me is super simple and yet highly commitment-driven. The only special equipment you should bring along is, yourself! The rest are spares. You need not have access to anything as you can work out using your bodyweight, which will be designed as per what best suits you!

Q. I don't have access to gym. How do I train myself?

A. That’s perfectly fine! The techniques I offer allow you to train yourself without equipment too, with just as equally good results. I will assist you in creating a fitness plan and all you have to do to train yourself is, adhere to it!

Q. Will I be taking lot of supplements?

A. There is nothing too less or a lot! Supplements, as the word suggest, are prescribed to compensate/supplement for nutritional deficiencies in intake of food. It is important to balance your diet with your exercises to achieve your fitness goals and supplements only assist the process, whether you are a vegan or not.

Q. Is weight loss the only way to measure fitness?

A. Fitness is not just measured on the weighing scale. It has to be considered in inch loss, the increase in energy, better stamina and strength of the body. And I ensure you achieve them collectively!

Q. The FAQs above don't cover my query. How do I reach you?

A. The FAQ’s here aren’t exhaustive as every individual will seek different answers. If you don’t find your answer here, please feel free to mail me at and I’ll revert to you within 24-48 working hours.

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I do free consultations every Tuesday's and Thursday's. Either way you will get some actionable tips to reach your fitness goals faster.