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  • Kerala Diet Plan For Weight Loss
    May 5, 2023

    Kerala Diet Plan For Weight Loss

    Kerala's cuisine is characterised by its unique blend of flavours and spices, which sets it apart from other regional cuisines in India.

    However, with the increasing availability and consumption of processed and fast foods, Kerala has witnessed a rise in obesity rates in recent years. This has led to a renewed focus on traditional plant-forward meals, which are healthier and more sustainable for the environment.

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  • Tamil Diet Plan For Weight Loss
    March 26, 2023

    Tamil Diet Plan For Weight Loss

    Tamilians who developed the regional cuisine of Tamil Nadu believe that serving food is like a service to humanity.

    The region has a very rich food heritage and is characterised by the use of rice, lentils, whole grains, and legumes for staples and a mixed blend of spices, curry leaves, tamarind, chili peppers, coconut, etc for aroma and flavor. 

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  • Tamil Diet For Diabetes Management
    February 28, 2023

    Tamil Diet For Diabetes Management

    The current statistics for the diabetes population in India is expected to rise to over 134 million by 2045 and the reason for this is the increasing prevalence of obesity. Obesity is a huge causative factor for diabetes.

    In 2016 Tamil Nadu was considered to have the highest prevalence of diabetes among other states. As per recent data from the National Family Health Survey, diabetes in the rural areas of Tamil Nadu has increased from 3% to 8% and in the urban areas it rose from 6% to almost 14% in the last two decades.

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  • South Indian Meal Plan for Diabetes Management.
    January 25, 2023

    South Indian Meal Plan for Diabetes Management.

    When it comes to nutrition alone, you do not have to eat fancy food for diabetes management, Indian cuisine itself can be your medication.

    South Indian cuisine, specifically, is considered to be wholesome and nutrient-rich. However, with modernised cooking techniques, we are using more fats, such as oil's and ghee than ever before. We have also moved away from traditional whole grain's such as millets and red rice to white rice and other processed grains. This posses an additional risk for diabetes. 

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  • Why type 2 diabetes is reversible?
    December 16, 2022

    What Makes Type 2 Diabetes Reversible But Not Type 1?

    One of the most common diseases which affects a majority of the world's population is Diabetes. Diabetes is a condition where your body fails to effectively produce insulin which is responsible for breaking down sugar in the system, thereby creating a buildup of sugar in the bloodstream.

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