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Jayshree's Transformation From Being A Vegan To Being A Healthier Vegan.

Jayshree's Transformation From Being A Vegan To Being A Healthier Vegan.

Meet Jayshree, a young, vibrant individual with a zest for life and a determination to overcome her past, persistent health challenges. From rushing out of the door on busy days to ensuring she never misses her smoothies, Jayshree joined us for a transformative one-month nutrition program.

For a month, she was guided, round the clock, by our experienced and dedicated nutrition coach, Ami. In just a short four weeks, she experienced real and life changing results.

The power of accountability, consistency, and dedication always seems to surprise me and delights my clients. Let's delve into Jayshree's remarkable journey, exploring her:

  • initial struggles,
  • her victories, and,
  • the profound impact of the program on her overall health and well-being.

There’s a lot for you to learn from her journey.

Jayshree's Initial Challenges.

Jayshree used to grapple with various health concerns that would impact her daily life.

Despite being on a fairly healthy vegan diet before joining us, she would feel fatigued constantly, experience mood swings, and experience unexplainable digestive issues as well.

It just goes to show you that being vegan does not always equate with being healthy. Many people have this misconception that being vegan automatically makes you healthy. But this far from accurate.

Being vegan is a choice to not consume animal products. Being healthy, consistently, is also a choice. But, it’s a choice to be mindful of your body’s actual nutrition requirements, knowing what, when, and how much food your body needs. Apart from many other factors such as sleep, hydration, and exercise play an important role.

Weight Loss foods vegan diet

At such a young age, having to cope with tiredness, digestive issues, and stress levels, Jayshree found herself feeling very concerned. She was also struggling to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

All of this & more prompted her to seek a comprehensive solution that would address the root causes of her ailments.

Embarking on a Holistic Health Program: The Role Of Accountability.

Lifestyle improvements have been proven to have a foundational role in improving mental and physical health.

With Ami's expert guidance and unwavering support, Jayshree began her transformative journey, embracing a holistic approach to wellness that encompassed:

  • nutritional adjustments,
  • incorporating stress management techniques, and,
  • personalised lifestyle modifications.

Having round-the-clock support, accountability, and encouragement from my team boosted Jayshree’s confidence and gave her results in just 4 weeks!

A rock-solid accountability support system through your nutrition and lifestyle improvement journey can pay rich dividends. Research is proof that having accountability through your transformation journey is likely to help you reach your goals faster. Ami's weekly calls with Jayshree was that accountability. By giving her mini targets through the week, and following up on those targets, Ami ensured Jayshree stayed motivated.

roshni sanghvi reviews

It’s important to note that we create accountability in a way that is supportive and non-judgmental. Our goal is to help you succeed, not to punish you or make you feel negative about your journey.

As she progressed through the program, Jayshree experienced an improvement in her overall well-being, witnessing notable improvements in her energy levels, digestion, and emotional resilience.

Overcoming Initial Challenges: Navigating the Path to Wellness.

One of the biggest challenges Jayashree had was letting go of the attachment to hyper-processed, sugary foods, salty snacks, and caffeine.

A widely prevalent issue amongst the youth of today, the meaning of ‘normal foods’ has dangerously transformed. And with regular consumption of such hyper-palatable foods, we become a slave to their effects.

Remember, sugar cravings, when given into, lead to more sugar cravings. It's an endless vicious cycle that is unfortunately promoted and supported by large corporations. Jayshree would drink 2-3 cups of tea per day with multiple spoonfuls of palm sugar (as addictive and destructive as sugar) per day. This kept her craving for more sugar as time passed.

Does chai cause weight gain

Jayshree was eating more processed foods than she even realised. Just getting her to regularly maintaining a food journal was enough to help her realise the quantity of processed foods she was eating per week.

But our goal is never to make enemy out of our food choices. Your relationship with your food has to be a positive one.

Rather than just focusing on what needs to be reduced/eliminated from your diet, we also help you realize and experience just how many new food types are there to be included!

Ami played a very important role in helping Jayshree fall in love with the right kind of food groups.

That being, she found herself eating a lot more than she did before joining our program. The Irony! Weight loss does not have to be about starvation, but, rather, about eating the right kind of foods.

Amidst work hurdles, Jayshree remained steadfast in her commitment, drawing inspiration from Ami's guidance and unwavering encouragement. With patience and perseverance, Jayshree gradually overcame these obstacles, fostering a deeper understanding of the vital connection between her lifestyle choices and her overall health.

Top Lifestyle Changes Jayshree Made On The Program.

Throughout her transformative journey, Jayshree imbibed key lifestyle changes that played a pivotal role in revitalising her health and fostering a renewed sense of vitality.

  • Eating The Rainbow.

The most important mindset change Jayashree picked up from us was to consciously eat a greater variety of fruits, and veggies every day. Already being vegan, you would think she was already eating healthy right? Wrong!

Veganism does not automatically translate to better health.

Sure, cutting out animal products from your diet will greatly improve your health but only up to a certain extent. If one is eating plant-based, but mostly eating hyper-processed, sugary, caffeinated, salty foods, being holistically healthy will remain a distant dream.

Jayshree was smartly guided with a customised food plan to suit her preferences. A food plan that incorporated a wide variety of whole, plant foods in her daily food intake. Emphasising the integration of nutrient-rich, whole foods into her diet, Jayshree discovered the profound impact of mindful eating on her digestion and energy levels. Leading to her looking forward to preparing her plant based meals.

  • A Healthy Circadian Cycle

For many years, Jayashree took her sleep requirements for granted, as many of us do.

Sleeping post-midnight, having a late dinner, and too much screen time was a regular occurrence. Over just 4 weeks of working with us, she understood how her body’s internal clock or circadian rhythms were being disrupted by her lack of a balanced night-time routine.

We helped her create a practical pre-sleep routine that consisted of simple practices like:

  1. yin- yoga,
  2. a hot shower, and,
  3. taking naturally sedative herbal teas.

Combined with the accountability provided by Ami to ensure that she prioritized sleep timings daily.

Moreover, the incorporation of stress-relief techniques, such as yoga and meditation, enabled Jayshree to cultivate a sense of inner calm and emotional balance, enhancing her resilience and overall well-being.

Yin yoga for sleep

As expected, by incorporating these changes and sleeping on time regularly, Jayshree observed that she would feel like a million dollars every morning upon waking up, had consistent energy levels throughout the day & was able to deal with life situations calmly.

Jayshree's Empowering Tips for YOU.

Jayshree’s tip for those looking to improve their eating habits – Take it Slow!

Once you’ve decided to walk the transformation path, it's important to have a gradual transition phase. Trying something overnight, without preparation for the change, hasn’t worked out too well for most people.

Having to put that kind of pressure on yourself and your willpower doesn’t work out too great for most people.

Why not take it one step at a time?

Identify the food groups you wish to replace and then research the options for alternatives.

Having Patience – Trust the Process!

Speaking from experience, Jayshree’s big tip for you in your health transformation journey is to be patient, with yourself!

Rome wasn’t built in a day. And inducing positive, lasting changes into our overall health takes time, consistent efforts and being OK with failure. There will be days when you just can’t be bothered to follow your routine. Be gentle with yourself, and allow for some mistakes.

Those mistakes shape our experience & determination. When Jayshree joined us, she was doubtful about being able to see results in just a month and had a few days where she really struggled to break out of her previous, self-destructive habits.

However, we were there for her every step of the way. From Ami to the rest of my team & I, Jayshree was able to make to most of our combined knowledge, expertise and empathetic support to see REAL results!

Today, Jayshree continues to implement the invaluable lessons she acquired during the program, seamlessly integrating holistic wellness practices into her daily life.

By prioritising nourishing food choices, stress management strategies, and mindful self-care, Jayshree has unlocked the transformative potential of sustainable well-being, reflecting the enduring impact of our holistic health program on her journey to optimal health and vitality.

This could be your story next!

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