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    If you are not enjoying your transformation journey, you are doing it wrong.

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1 Month Transformation

Before I met Roshni I was only constantly worried about my protein intake and avoided carbs completely. Roshni educated me about balancing my nutrition and planned my macros as per my lifestyle. Within just a few months I started seeing my body fat go down and muscle mass go higher inspite of being on a high- carb diet! I was still eating proteins but from plant- based sources which were easier to digest by my system. Thus, my recovery was better. I was getting stronger in the gym and could not believe it! Switching from a high- protein diet to a more balanced plan also made me feel much lighter. Thanks Roshni!

1 Month Transformation

Hi Roshni, just wanted to say the biggest thank you. Three weeks with you had been so life changing. Yeah, I've slipped up on my diet quite a few times, but I keep getting back up and pushing. I feel lighter, more physically active. I have actually lost a lot of fat that the scales don't show and more than that I feel confident and I am learning to love and forgive my body everyday. 

2 Month Transformation

My experience with Roshni as fitness / nutritionist is really cherishable. It was not just a training but it has been a beautiful journey. She is truly a life changer in my case (am already 48 yrs). She has been a role model for me in every respect.