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Media, Blogs and News Mentions - 

"Change the way you look and feel with Vegan Fitness Trainer Roshni Sanghvi!"
Vegan First 
"Meet Roshni Sanghvi - The Gutsy Vegan Fitness Expert"
"Dairy-free milk finds more takers in Bengaluru"

"Breaking the myth about calcium: How a vegan diet is actually rich in calcium"


The Wow Style

"10 Vegetarians /Vegans From India Who Changed The Way We Look At Fitness."



"Roshni Sanghvi- Vegan Bodybuilder, Bengaluru" 



“Bengaluru has a lot of places that offers vegan food and its getting more vegan-friendly."


Be Bold People

"The story of Roshni Sanghvi – The accidental fitness coach"



"Best Vegan Fitness Trainer" 




"Roshni Sanghvi, a certified fitness expert and social media influencer, says turning vegan was the best decision she made. "



"The Top 7 Things in my Gym Bag"


"One really doesn't need a gym membership in India to Get Fit: Roshni Sanghvi"


"Female Vegan Indian Bikini Competitor and Nutritionist Coach Roshni Sanghvi talks about her Veganism lifestyle"



"One of the 5 top Dieticians and Nutritionist from Bangalore"


"Plant Based Sports Nutritionist and Body Transformation Specialist Roshni Sanghvi leads by example, check out her fascinating journey"




"Fit is not a destination! It is a way of life, says Plant-based fitness expert and nutritionist Roshni Sanghvi"




"From couples that work out together, stay together’ to ‘carbs are not the enemy’, vegan bodybuilder Roshni Sanghvi’s tips will surprise you"



"Indian Plant Based Diet For Muscle Gain?"


"Stretching- When and why by Roshni Sanghvi"



"Top 7 Vegan Bodybuilders, Nutritionists and Athletes from India"


"Seven tips on increasing your chances of getting pregnant with PCOS"


"PCOS Treatment – Homeopathy, Ayurveda and Allopathy"


"How Plant-Based Diet can cure PCOS?"


"6 Lifestyle Habits that makes Indians’ obese."


Podcast And Interviews - 


"4 Questions with Social Media Famous"




"Plant-based Punch x Roshni Sanghvi & Kritika Singh"


“Why would I recommend something I don’t dare put in my own body?"

Roshni Sanghvi Interview

"Debunking the iconic obsession with meat protein"


"Always say Yes - Roshni Sanghvi"

"Plant Based Sports Nutritionist"






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