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Sudhanshu Jain's Transformation Journey: Cholesterol Reversal and Heart Health!

Sudhanshu Jain's Transformation Journey: Cholesterol Reversal and Heart Health!

Real health comes from small, consistent habits built and practiced every day with mindfulness. However, we often underestimate how amazing our body is. No strict diet, no oner training or under-eating is required to heal the body. Just a few weeks of being mindful about your choices is what the body demands.

Let’s take a journey to read this experience of Sudhanshu who transformed his health with whole-hearted dedication and a willingness to embrace change and put in the effort to make that positive change. As you will see, Sudhanshu did not have to go on any 'strict diet', nor was expected to spend endless hours int he gym. Instead, he made simple lifestyle changes, but stuck to them till they became his lifestyle.

Sudhanshu’s experience of working with us for just 3 months, under the extremely talented nutrition coach Janani, is a testament to the power of lifestyle modifications in achieving remarkable health improvements.

Several of his vital health parameters such as cholesterol and triglyceride levels plummeted from alarming high values to normal range. All without taking any allopathy medication. Just eating right and making sustainable lifestyle changes.

recipes for cholesterol management

Read on till the end. Sudhanshu’s transformative journey described here in just over a 3-month program, highlights what I speak about frequently – the power of smart, consistent, significant lifestyle changes have an enormous impact in creating unbelievable results.

Background and Initial Challenges.

Sudhanshu's professional and personal life had him putting in long hours of a sedentary job.

His cholesterol levels were very high, so he started taking medication. However, his approaches & efforts to improve his health were half-hearted and misguided, leading to little to no results!

For example, he thought he was making a healthy choice by consuming the popularly advertised, ‘zero sugar’ flavoured yogurts. These products, while tasty, are anything but healthy to consume regularly. They are often high in sugar's and artificial flavours. Both of which reduce your liver's ability to process cholesterol.

Label's can be misleading. Our job as nutritionists is to help you identify the BS amongst the actually healthy stuff. Janani quickly identified distructive patterns in Sudhanshu's lifestyle and worked towards helping him change the same.

Additionally, he did not exercise regularly or even lead an active, moving lifestyle through the week. To compromise for this, Sudhanshu would push himself too hard on the weekends, going on runs, or intense yoga practices that would leave his body inflamed and unable to recover properly. Most of us tend to do this, not realising that fitness has to become our lifestyle and not a visiting guest in our lives.

exercise for cholesterol

Like many of us, Sudhanshu found that he would often indulge in processed foods, sweets, and candies without much thought, often bingeing on sugary foods without realizing it.

In his mind, he would feel irate that although he was making some effort to to improve his health, he wasn't seeing any results. As a result, he was wary about enrolling for our 3-month health cholesterol management program.

In hindsight now, Sudhanshu happily admits that,

We know how to improve our health, there's plenty of information online, but we can’t seem to apply these to our lives. If you want to transform your health, take the first step and have a consultation! It was the best decision I made and it has worked wonders for me, and was able to help me reach my goal of experiencing mind-blowing health benefits in such a short period! Without any reliance on medication but just simply being determined and working dedicatedly with Roshini’s team and saw an unbelievable reduction in my cholesterol levels.

I feel determined to build upon the health benefits already achieved and take action on the lifestyle improvements and physical fitness exercises plan outlay by Roshini and the team to maintain and further improve my health!

It's best to invest in our health before we get older when we can't do much about it”

Sudhanshu's Transformation Highlights.

Once Sudhanshu had 100% committed to our 3-month program, the profound changes in his health started to manifest!

His biggest takeaways reflect not only a drop in cholesterol levels but also:

  • enhanced stamina,
  • improved yoga postures, and,
  • a rapid, powerful recovery from a long-standing hamstring injury.

Again, what is crucial to see here is that - All of these improvements were made without the use of medication, solely through lifestyle modifications.

Janani's job was not just cholesterol management, but also making sure that she made a positive change in Sudhanshu's lifestyle forever. She wanted to make a sustainable impact on Sudhanshu's eating habits, without him feeling deprived about his nutritional choices.

Sudhanshu's Key Lifestyle Modifications.

It is the lifestyle changes more than anythign else that leads to sustained results. Here is the difference between lifestyle modification than a mere "diet plan":

Here are the lifestyle changes that most resonated with Sudhanshu:

  • Regular Exercise and NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis):

Sudhanshu recognized the importance of integrating consistent physical activity in everyday life. Making being active a way of life itself. Not equating exercise that needed to be strenuously done over the weekends but something that is as crucial to the daily routine as drinking enough water!

He determinedly embraced not just planned exercises but also incorporated NEAT into his daily routine. NEAT stands for Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. Simply put, it refers to the calories we burn from the movements we make in our daily lives.

NEAT includes all the physical activity we do apart from structured exercise practices. Even the simplest of movements such as standing, walking, stretching, finger tapping, neck stretches, and head bobbing can all add up to NEAT.

This experiential understanding of NEAT has transformed Sudanshu’s perception of physical activity. It has prompted him to consciously incorporate simple movements into the daily routine, resulting in a more dynamic and active lifestyle.

Did you know, that NEAT accounts for more weight loss than structured physical activity?

  • Dietary Changes – Reducing Sugar, Avoiding Dairy, and Eating Leafy Greens:

Reducing Sugar Intake:

As is customary in many parts of our country, Sudhanshu was habituated to eating a little piece of jaggery after every meal. However, he was able to observe that this was more out of a craving than a customary post-dinner ‘meetha’. Sugar feeds the inflammatory bacteria in our gut, causing us to want more sugar. This is unhealthy and the vicious cycle can only be broken when you stop consuming sugar. Janani spent enough time and patiently explained Sudhanshu what he was doing wrong and what needs to change.

Needless to mention, hidden sugars in a lot of processed foods we consume is the leading causative factor for high triglycerides.

hidden sugar

Through patient guidance, encouragement, and providing him with healthy alternatives to sugar, he was determined to make a change and was able to reduce sugar intake significantly, a crucial step in achieving his health goals.

He made sure to include one serving of fruit with every meal (this is important). Fruits contain phytonutrients and polyphenols. Both of these heal our gut, and help us destroy the inflammatory gut bacteria that lead to sugar cravings.

Avoiding Dairy:

Like with sugar, the mindless consumption of dairy products was something holding Sudhanshu back in so many ways.

By gradually and smartly eliminating replacing dairy, he immediately experienced relief from allergic reactions such as bloating, respiratory irritation, gas, upset stomach, nausea, etc. Considering about 80% of our country is lactose intolerant, this comes as no surprise!

But is ghee not considered healthy? Actually not:

Eating the Rainbow of Leafy Greens and Vegetables:

Sudhanshu embraced transitioning to a diet rich in leafy greens and vegetables, especially cruciferous veggies known for their cholesterol-regulating properties.

His wife was able to expertly adapt to the recipes and guidance provided by my team. Even resulting in his family consciously eating a greater variety of fruits, and veggies every day!

Sudhanshu found it very effective to be consistently encouraged, motivated, and guided by my team with a customised meal plan to suit his food preferences.

Janani provided him with a meal plan that incorporated a wide variety of whole-plant foods, made very very tasty.

It is very important to note here that Sudhanshu was eating delicious and tasty food! he was still eating Gujrati food (as per his ethnicity) and did not compromise on taste. This is the message we often get confused. Healthy food does not have to taste bad or be boring. There is so much one can do with cooking techniques, herbs and spice use etc. Janani helped Sudhanshu just realise the important food groups to consume. His dishes and likes/ dislikes remained the same.

cholesterol superfood

Building Mindful Eating Habits, Food Journalling, and Intermittent Fasting.

Sudhanshu's transformation included building awareness around his eating habits. Introducing time-restricted eating and maintaining a food log brought clarity, fostering mindfulness in his dietary choices.

Food Journaling:

Sudhanshu learned quickly that the most practical way to start taking responsibility and accountability of what he ate everyday was through maintaining a Food Journal!

Here are some of Sudhanshu's entries, giving you an estimate on how wholesome his meals were:

Diet for cholesterol reversal

This was done consciously, using our in- house nutrition and fitness app.

We often intend to eat healthy but do not account for a samosa here and a piece of cake there. These small meals are hyper- palatable and keep us addicted. These make it harder and harder for us to truly enjoy healthy food, that is naturally flavorful.

Develop Time-Restricted Eating/Intermittent Fasting Mindset:

It took some time for Sudhanshu to completely align with time- restricted eating, one of the most powerful tool for longevity and disease reversal. But backed with Janani's encouragement and accountability, he persisted with keeping a gap between each meals, which proved instrumental in optimising his health.

Oftentimes, especially after a hectic & mostly sedentary work day, Sudhanshu would eat right before going to bed and wake up to the sight of food again. Janani made him understand that this destructive eating behaviour does not give our digestive system enough time to rest and repair.

Just a few days into practicing time-restricted eating, he felt more active, lighter, agile, mentally calm & focused. Because of maintaining an eating window of only 10 hours (fasting for 14 hours), Sushanshu was way more proactive in planning his meals.

Cruciferous Veggies – A Cholesterol-Controlling Superfoods.

Sudhanshu's diet primarily focused on eating more plant's in general. But cruciferous vegetables made a special appearance in his diet. There recognized superfoods for cholesterol-regulation are often missed if we dont consciously add them.

Examples of cruciferous vegetables are broccoli, cabbage, kale, bok choy and cauliflower. All of these are cholesterol-lowering foods that also have many valuable nutrients for our system.

foods for cholesterol management

Cruciferous veggies also have anti-cancer and heart health benefits! They vegetables have good insoluble fiber too. This makes the cholesterol fighters

Like fruits, they also contain polyphenols, which are packed with disease-fighting properties such as inflammation reduction, lower blood sugar levels, and anti-cancer properties. Cruciferous vegetables contain over 40 phenolic compounds, making them an excellent source of these valuable compounds.

If It Has To Be A Lifestyle Change, It Has To Be Enjoyable.

Sudhanshu found the transition to a healthier diet enjoyable, devoid of feelings of restriction or deprivation. Recipes provided by his nutrition coach Janani allowed him flexibility. We never encourage calorie restriction or calorie counting. Sudhanshu was eating healthy and in as much quantities as he wanted.

Regular follow-ups by Janani on a weekly, sometimes even daily basis, played a pivotal role in Sudhanshu's success. Interacting with my team & I consistently served as a source of motivation, ensuring accountability and providing ongoing guidance.

The structured follow-up system prevented him from reverting to old habits and encouraged a positive relationship with food.

Occasional indulgences would happen once in awhile and by enjoying them fully and without guilt on himself, he fostered a healthy relationship with food.

foods to lower triglycerides

One of the biggest challenges we all face in today’s world is letting go of our destructive attachment to consuming hyper-processed, sugary foods, salty snacks, and caffeine.

A widely prevalent issue amongst the youth of today, the meaning of ‘normal foods’ has dangerously transformed. And with regular consumption of such hyper-palatable foods, we become a slave to their effects.

Cholesterol management is simply cutting down on hyper- palatable foods and going back to eating sensibly. Here is more information on foods that help manage cholesterol:

Remember, our goal is never to make enemies out of our food choices. Your relationship with your food has to be a positive one. Rather than just focusing on what needs to be reduced/eliminated from your diet, we also help you realize and experience just how many new food types are there to be included!

Our team’s support played a crucial role in helping Sudhanshu and family eating the right kind of food groups.

Even amidst work hurdles and the consumption temptations of the holiday season Sudhanshu remained steadfast in his commitment to eating, empowered by our guidance and unwavering encouragement.

With patience and perseverance, Sudhanshu gradually overcame the obstacles, gaining a deeper understanding of the connection between his lifestyle choices and health.

Sudhanshu’s Message To You.

“There’s an ocean of health information available online, and everywhere we see, on social media as well, health information being shared. Earlier, my challenge was to regularly and smartly apply this information to my life.

Having gone through this transformative experience with Team Roshni Sanghvi in just 3 months, I strongly encourage you to take the first step by seeking a consultation!

If I can do this, anyone can!

Choosing to invest in my health early, before age limitations set in, is my BIGGEST realization towards discovering a key to a fulfilling and vibrant life!”

As Sudhanshu continues his health transformation journey, he is determined to build upon the base of amazing health benefits he’s already achieved in such a short period! We remain in contact to encourage him to continue taking action on our recommended physical fitness exercises and maintaining a positive mindset.

Sudhanshu is poised for greater, sustained, health improvements!

Want to start writing your own transformation story? Fill in the free consutation form below and request to talk to Janani!

Let's Just Talk. No Obligations.

I do free consultations every Tuesday's and Thursday's. Either way you will get some actionable tips to reach your fitness goals faster.

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