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Gold Package: Vegan Bodybuilding Diet Plan

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Almost 80% of your results depend on what you eat. Food is important when on a transformation, not only because you have to make healthier eating choices, but more importantly you need to genuinely like your meal plan else you will give up after week 1. There is literally no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ food, but more so about the quantity you eat, your physical activity, metabolism, and hormones.

My style of nutrition is eating local and ‘high- carb’. Yes, clients on my meal plan eat rice, veggies, fruits, beans, lentils, pulses and so much more! Note though, by ‘high- carb’ I do not mean high processed carbs like cakes, pastries, and aerated drinks! Under this program you will receive a generic plant- based meal plan and grocery list. This plan is well balanced in micros and essential nutrients..


Not all of us want to get into bodybuilding, but fitness is still a key aspect for everyone. As part of any of my package, you will have access to my coaching app. My coaching app is designed for in- depth tracking to help you stay on track. Besides a nutrition and fitness plan, my app has dozens of pre recorded recipe video’s for you to follow along to make your transition easy.

As part of this plan, you will have access to a generic exercise plan with video’s to follow along. You can choose to either train from home or go to the gym. Based on your health goals, you can also choose being a muscle gain plan or a fat loss plan.


What to expect from this package?

This plan is not for everyone. You need to put in work to see results. Only sign up if you are ready to challenge yourself and walk the path of transformation. 

- Bi weekly check- in's to track progress.
- Generic meal and fitness plan.
- Detailed grocery list and alternative food option.
- Lifetime access to my Facebook group for constant support and motivation.
- Free download of my e- books ‘Raw till 4’.
- Downloadable PDF’s to understanding macros/ micros.

- Lifetime Forum Access to Get your queries related to fitness and nutrition answered by experts.

I am here to guide you every step of the way and I expect the same commitment from your end when signing up for this program 


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