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Heera's Story From Being A Meat- Eater To Going Plant- Based.

Heera's Story From Being A Meat- Eater To Going Plant- Based.

Every transformation story is motivating, but working with Heera was particularly inspiring. 

Heera joined us to help him prepare for a spiritual retreat that he was due to go for 8 weeks form starting his nutrition plan with us. The retreat demanded he eat only plant- based with hours of disciplined non- doing practice. Heera, being a meat eater at this point, wanted to start changing his eating patterns before going for the retreat. Thus, helping him with a smooth transitions. 

They say if you cannot go to the pilgrimage yourself, spend time doing seva for the once who go to the retreat. Janani, one of our top nutrition coaches, jumped on the opportunity to work with Heera when she got the case history. This was her way of seva

Having a client who is self- motivated to make changes is every coaches dream. Janani's work was made easy by Heera's self- motivation and willingness to change. He was very physically active himself and depending on meat for his proteins up to this point. Janani's challenge was to help him switch to a plant- based diet but also include enough proteins and micronutrients to his diet so his physical activity did not slow down. 

Changing the Mindset.

Nutrition should not be boring and "dieting" should not be restrictive. Janani's mission while working with clients is to help people fall in love with food! Unless you love what you eat, you will not make it a lifestyle change. 

When you see Heera's eyes sparkle in the above video as he is talking about the food he eats now, you know Janani succeeded n her mission. 

We all perceive dieting to be tough and restrictive. Unfortunately, social media further promotes the message. If its tasty, it must not be healthy and if its helathy, it must be bland. But this is far from true. Here is just a glimpse of the type of food Heera has been eating:

He sticks to his favorite style of eating- South Indian, and eats not just to boost longevity, but also his taste buds! 

Janani helped Heera slowly change his mind-set about food. With the new style of eating, Heera's performance also improved and recovery was much faster. Heera saw a drastic improvement in his energy level's and even sleep quality. 

Heera's Two- Cents to Others.

Heera took back much more than a meal plan from the program, like all of our clients. Heera took back education that will guide him through his life. It was not so much about knowing what to eat that fits his goals and lifestyle, but also knowing why some foods help and how some foods can contribute towards health. 

Two things Heera has to say that can motivate anyone starting their journey is:

  • Find out your why: Why do you want to make a difference in your lifestyle? Why is this so important to you. A powerful why is enough to drive you to not only get started, but also stay on track for the rest if your life. 

  • Get Professional Help: I love the sentence Heera makes in the above video "If I am going to a Yoga teacher to learn Yoga or a personal trainer when I go to the gym, then why not seek professional help for something as important as food"?

Nutrition consultation goes beyond just telling a client what to eat. It is about:

  • changing a person's relationship with food,
  • perspective about body image,
  • preventing chronic diseases,
  • modifying their lifestyle,
  • educating them about superfoods and making it easy for them to inculcate.

It is so much more than just creating a diet chart. Heera's testimony is a proof of Janani's investment for every client of hers. Our team has the optimized client to coach ratio in the country to ensure personalization. Janani only chooses to work with limited clients per month to ensure she can invest herself to learn about the clients goals in and out and study about behavioral modification techniques that the clients can use to help them make sustainable changes.

Testimonies like these leave us satisfied. But more importantly, it leaves us confident that Heera will continue to sustain changes he made during the program and benefit from them for decades later. Healthy ageing will naturally come to Heera and he will continue seeing an improvement in his health goals. 

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