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Sonam's Victory Over Endometriosis and Arthritis.

Sonam's Victory Over Endometriosis and Arthritis.

Imagine being diagnosed with Arthritis in your early 30's. Most often, doctors only say that arthritis is not reversible and you might have to stay on steroids for life.

But when we work with clients, our intention is to explore lifestyle therapies, alternative functional medication and nutritional changes first. Most often, clients see a drastic regression in their disease and can even manage putting off steroids for decades together.
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Sonam was one such client. Though skeptical at first, Sonam joined us for weight management while she continued to struggle with arthritis and endometriosis. She was unsure if arthritis management was even possible and if she could ever have pain- free periods.

However, having worked with many clients for arthritis management int he past, I was certain Sonam would also see a drastic difference in how she felt. If you are struggling with arthritis, here is an article I wrote that is readworthy:
Sonam was working with one of our nutrition coaches Vinshu on the program. A bright, young doctor turned nutrition coach, Vinshu herself struggled with hormonal diseases. This motivated her to shift her focus from allopathy to holistic wellness and continues to be a key member of our team when helping clients.

Sonam's journey on Arthritis Management that might inspire you all.

1) How was your experience on the program . How has the program helped you in achieving your goals or helping you manage endometriosis and arthritis?
I loved every aspect of the program. It helped me understand different food groups and it was more like a lifestyle change. It has really helped me with my arthritis. My pain intensity did improve a lot after the start of the program and it was interesting to understand how combinations and introduction of certain foods can help heal the body.

My sugar cravings reduced drastically and it was amazing to observe how I was not craving sweets even when going out and eating in the restaurants , I was able to make better choices in terms of eating out while feeling satiated.
Notice how Sonam emphasises "lifestyle changes" VS "diet changes". Vinshu's aim while working with Sonam was to only help her make changes that are sustainable long- term. Watch this to understand more:

2) How has your symptoms of bloating and pain during and before periods improved with the lifestyle changes and the meal plan designed for you?
I used to get very uncomfortable bloating, cramps and the pain during periods which also improved after following the program for a particular time.

I observed that my bloating reduced quite a lot that used to happen before the periods and also the intensity of pain plus the length of periods and flow came down which really was a relief that I was hoping to get.

Even with respect to my arthritis, the pain intensity came down.
Your body is remarkable at healing itself if given the chance. In just a few months, Sonam's gut was not only doing better, but her join inflammation also came down.
3) Living away from home and having to manage cooking and work, did you find the guidelines and recipes sent to you easy to follow and impactful?
I would say initially I was overwhelmed with a lot of changes but with proper guidance and time it became easier to accommodate the changes in lifestyle.

The support offered by Vinshu and Roshni has been really helpful in the entire process and this journey. With respect to the recipes, Vinshu really did go an extra length to explain all the recipes to my cook and helped me understand how to combine different food groups like what to include when making a healthy salad and how to manage portions of raw vs cooked based on my goals and symptoms.
One thing which I pride on is the extra length any of my team members will go to help clients make sustainable changes. Vinshu realised that Sonam was busy but still motivated to make changes. Thus, she communicated directly with Sonam's cook with regard to cooking techniques and adding new recipes every now and then. This made the process smooth for Sonam.

roshni sanghvi diet plan
4) What were some of your favourite recipes on the program?
I loved smoothies and pasta recipes, these were not only easier and quick to prepare but also delicious which I didn’t expect at the start when the recipes were sent to me.

I also got to include snacks and desserts because I have a sweet tooth and cravings for snacks. I would want to say that they not only satisfies my sugar cravings but were also healthy and unprocessed which is a win win situation.
If it is healthy, it must be tasty! This is the philosophy we operate by. Vinshu ensured that Sonam's meals were wholesome and mouth- smaking delicious! Here is the pasta recipe Sonam loved:
5) You lost quite a lot of weight without calorie counting or over training. Did you think this would be so easy?
It was very challenging for me considering my long working hours but with little changes it became comforting after a point and I dropped 5 plus kgs on the program within 2.5 months time with help of Roshni’s fitness plan and her guidance plus the consistency that I maintained.
Struggling with weight loss? Watch this:

6. In terms of Disease Management how was your experience with our in- house Doctor?
Dr Consultations really helped me. He was patient enough to help me with my basic questions and answering all my doubts. His guidance and support on the program was helpful and also the medications he added were not entirely allopathic medications ,so it really helped.
Our approach is Functional Medicine. Unlike a traditional allopathy approach, functional medicine doctors help to get to the root- cause of diseases and use nutraceuticals only to heal the body. Arthritis could be due to:
  • our environmental exposure to toxins,
  • past trauma, and,
  • even lack of certain nutrients.
A functional medicine doctors helps the client understand what is causing the symptoms, rather than band- aiding the symptoms with allopathy medicine.

7) Were the weekly calls with the nutrition coach motivating for you and did they help you stay on track?
Weekly calls was something I used to look forward to. Sometimes to brag about my consistency and sometimes to look for a little motivation. My progress was consistently being tracked and my doubts were being clarified that helped me keep moving. Vinshu was competent to clarify all my doubts and was patient enough to always help me search the best brands to shop from when it came to specific food items example gluten free soy sauce or pasta.

In fact , I also learned about how to read food labels and understanding ingredients while grocery shopping or when eating out. Roshni also sent me a list of vegan restaurants that I was unaware of and that really helped me change my perspective that yes I can go out to eat and I am not restrictive when it came to eating out with friends and colleagues.
Vinshu's objective from the very start was to help Sonam get independent. The only way this can happen is by educating the client VS making all the decisions for them. Vinshu never missed an opportunity to get on call with Sonam and teach her something new.

8) Would you recommend this program to friends and family also looking for weight loss and disease management?
Definitely! I have already recommended this to a friend and she has a consultation call today!!
Though Sonam's journey towards Arthritis Management has just started and she has a long way to go. Sonam is empowered now with better knowledge and taking steps in the right direction. We cannot wait to see her only get healthier.

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