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Neha's Transformation Story.

Neha's Transformation Story.

Neha's transformation story is similar to all of our's. In the race of excelling in our professional career, health and wellness can sometimes take a back- seat. But Neha reached out to our team at the right time and vouched to incorporate health into her lifestyle. No fad- diets, no calorie cutting, but still resulst that will drop your jaw- keep reading.

A Singapore-based, HR Professional, Avid Traveller, Self-Confessed Foodie and Health freak, Neha connected with us a few months ago. Her goals here simple, heathy, sustainable weight loss.

Neha was working closely with one of our Nutrition Coaches Masoomi, the most of energetic, positive-minded and persistent wellness coach on our team. Not only was Neha able to lose weight, but also able to integrate positive lifestyle changes such as:

  • building a healthier circadian cycle,
  • develop mental calmness and clarity, and,
  • even building a positive relationship with food.

Read on to get inspired by just how she underwent a remarkable journey of transformation under the guidance and support from our team!

This could be YOUR story!

Embarking on a Transformation Journey!

Neha struggled with sugar addiction when she joined the program. For Masoomi to help her overcome this, just like with any addiction, she had to change the bodies biochemistry.

Our addiction of sugar is driven strongly due to various factors. One of them being inflammatory, bad gut microbiome. If being an alcoholic is not a 'self- discipline' issue, then neither is sugar addiction. But by healing the gut, just like with a period of detoxing from alcohol, we are often able to overcome sugar addiction.

Masoomi introduced various nutritional groups such as cruciferous vegetables and omega- 3 rich foods to heal the gut fast. Then, it was no longer a question of Neha craving for sugar, but being tempted once in a while when she saw her colleagues eating something. But once again, Masoomi's creating solution of "eat a fruit first" greatly helped Neha!

The biggest reward for us as health coaches is to see clients continue the lifestyle changes we make during the program, much after the program.

We cannot be more proud of Neha! She has been committing to the lifestyle changes developed during the program.

This can only be possible if the lifestyle changes we suggest are personalised for clients. For instance, Neha was not a wake- up- and- meditate type of person. Had we forced her to do the same, she would have only failed. But Neha worked close to a hike spot and loved going on walks after her office. This was her meditation! All Masoomi then did was incorporate these into her lifestyle. But this way, meditative walks became a habit for Neha. She continues to do them, despite her frequent travels and hectic work schedule!

Weight Loss Roshni Sanghvi

Small lifestyle changes like these paid off for Neha. From simply starting her meals with something raw first to introducing natural metabolic booster's in her food, Neha noticed her weight effortlessly go down every week. In no time, she was shopping for a new wardrobe!

The beauty of lifestyle changes is that they become a part of you. Despite Neha having to travel constantly for her work, her food type changed, but pattern of eating did not change. Masoomi ensured that she still ate her fruits everyday and still incorporated whole- grains. The only difference was that the fruits were locally grown tropical oranges in India and Pitaya when she was back in Singapore.

Step- by- step Neha also learnt how to identify food groups herself. She started shopping for her own produce and started getting excited about coming up with her own recipes based on the guidelines curated by Masoomi. This truly helped her change the definition of "dieting" to being fun and exciting.

Building a very positive relationship with food is very crucial for your mental health. We are surrounded by food and will continue to be so till the end of our lifetime. If you have to constantly fight with the idea of eating right, you will constantly be in a battle with yourself. - Roshni Sanghvi.

Her mindset towards her eating choices, her sleeping habits and lifestyle lifestyle have fundamentally changed!

But none of this would be possible if Neha did not trust the process Masoomi had set out for her. Masoomi's constant hand- holing further helped Neha rely on her and reach out to incase she wanted someone to talk with.

Initial Challenges and Early Solutions:

In the initial weeks, Neha faced a few hurdles, like anyone trying to make lifestyle changes does. Neha only expected a diet plan from us, but little did she know what she was in for. Masoomi spend enough time to explain Neha the benefits of lifestyle changes VS following diet plans, and Neha was quickly on board. Here were a few things that became her biggest strength.

Food Journaling:

The first step for Neha was taking responsibility and accountability of journaling what she ate. This was done consciously, using our in- house nutrition and fitness app’. While initially annoyed by having to make daily updates, Neha quickly started seeing why this was necessary.

We often intend to eat healthy but do not account for a samosa here and a piece of cake there. These small meals are hyper- palatable and keep us addicted. These make it harder and harder for us to truly enjoy healthy food, that is naturally flavorful.

Neha quickly realized that though she was eating well, she did indulge in her croissants and Indian snacks every now and then. But journaling kept her accountable and in control of her choices.

We do not suggest clients journal forever, but initially when they are still in the phase of forming healthy habits.


Neha was also concerned about her tendency to snack unconsciously. Her fav snack being Bakarwadi!

Indian Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss

However, Masoomi was able to successfully help Neha understand where these cravings and temptations stemmed from for her. Could be as a result of her high-performing work life, the constant travels and being away from her hometown or just a love for eating.

Masoomi factored in Neha's taste preferences and customized snack recipes that suited her pallet. From crunchy Kale chips to savory sweet potato chaat, new recipes were gradually introduced to replace the unhealthy once.

The main difference being that now she was eating the right kind of food. This realisation boosted her self-confidence immensely. Now, she allows herself a piece or two of her fav bakarwadi with acceptance and moderation.

Low Calcium Levels:

The next thing concerning Neha were her calcium levels. Neha also was asked to follow a dairy- free diet. She was concerned that going off dairy products completely could result in a calcium deficiency. She had already observed that her nails were brittle, before joining the program with us. Masoomi assured Neha that lack of calcium was not the cause and dairy is actually not a great source of calcium either. Read this to understand more:

After a careful review of her vitals and parameters, Masoomi formulated a plan that involved the inclusion of plant-based phytonutrients and Vitamin D3 (the real reason her body had a difficult time absorbing calcium from the food she ate).

Within the first month of diligently following the customized meal and lifestyle plan set in place, Neha observed her nail & overall health to be substantially improved.

Do you still believe that you need to consume dairy for calcium?

Allow me to change your mind! Read my Blog on Calcium & Dairy

Neha’s commitment to maintaining mindful eating habits during her travels showcased her dedication to sustainable lifestyle changes, underscoring her resilience and unwavering focus on her health goals.

Neha’s Key Lifestyle Change Takeaways.

Neha's remarkable progress in just 3 months of working with us, underscores the remarkable outcomes that can come from of sincerely embracing a holistic approach to health and well-being. She lost over 6 kilo's in just 12 week's, but more than that she lost inches around her waist, something she was not able to accomplish before.

Here are Neha’s top takeaways from working with us:

  • Eating the Rainbow!

One of the first realizations we arrived to with Neha was that she wasn’t getting enough diversity in her diet.

We often look at nutrition as being restrictive, when in reality, nutrition should be inclusive and diverse. The biggest predictor of gut health is plant- diversity and gut health is a predictor of longevity. Populations that eat the most diverse diet, as much as a 100 varieties of plants per week, tend to also have the longest lifespan!

what to eat for weight loss

Neha also took charge of grocery shopping at home so she could explore new varieties of fruits, vegetables, whole- grains, legumes and pulses.

She began to go the produce market herself to stock up on a colorful, nutritious choice of fresh fruit and veggies. As a result, her meals began to look a lot more colorful too! Half of her plate would now be reserved for a freshly made salad!

She discovered a vibrant love of starting the day with fruits. While on her travels to Vietnam, she observed how easy being on track was when you have to look at food from the perspective of diversity and not restriction. Her breakfast consisted of a series of fruits now and not a chocolate croissant.

  • Building a Better Sleep Schedule.

Like many others like her who work high-demanding jobs and have frequent travels, Neha wasn’t sleeping enough. The importance of getting enough sleep for overall well-being cannot be understated.

Not getting enough sleep translates into low energy levels, decreased productivity and focus, emotional imbalance and even weight gain. By recognizing the vital role of adequate sleep in overall well-being, Neha then smartly & swiftly integrated regular and restful sleep patterns into her daily routine, even during her frequent travels.

It is not so much about the quantity of time you are in bed for, but rather the quality of your sleep. Masoomi insisted Neha incorporate techniques like breathwork and Yoga Nidra to help her get restful sleep every night. This can be your biggest tool against weight loss.

Are you having trouble sleeping?

Check out my 3 top practices that help sleep better!

  • Embracing Salads as a Dietary Staple.

Armed with a newfound understanding of just how important daily salads are, Neha began to incorporate generous portions of fresh greens and vegetables into her meals. Salad's act as a natural appetite suppressor. They ensure you do not overeat in your meals and naturally stimulate satiety hormones.

If you have not found a salad you like, you probably have not found the right salad dressing. Liberally use nut and seed butter's with healthy sauces for your salads, while keeping oil's out. Trust me, you will look forward to having salads daily. - Roshni Sanghvi.

Neha's lunch always consisted of a salad first, and quite often, Neha would add pasta and pulses to her salad and make it a salad meal!

Pasta Salad for Weight Loss

Have you been eating salads daily? And if so, how are you incorporating crucial salad components?

Read my blog on the the MUST-HAVES in your daily salads! Non-negotiable!

  • Pumping up her NEAT.

NEAT stands for Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis.

Keeping it simple, it refers to the amount of calories burned from movements we make during our daily lives. It’s the activity that we do apart from planned exercise practices. Simple examples like performing tasks while standing, keeping our hands busy, foot tapping, neck stretches, head bobbing it all counts!

Ask Neha, she will tell you just how NEAT has transformed her perception of physical activity. It’s prompted her to consciously infuse simple movements like standing, walking, stretching into her daily life and routine, resulting in a more active and dynamic lifestyle.

NEAT accounts for more weight loss than structured physical activity too!

Personalized Wellness Plan.

When Neha joined this program, she did not give any thought to calorie counting at all. If we had advised her to do calorie counting, she would have probably quit this program before it even started.

What Neha loved about working with us was the efforts taken by Masoomi & the rest of my team to provide her with a fully customized wellness plan. One that took into account all of her preferences. While still balancing it with constant updates, and open, frequent communications between Neha & her coach.

Throughout her transformative journey, Neha's biggest learning is having faith in her potential for change. Her dedication to cultivating a balanced lifestyle remains unwavering.

Neha's newfound zest for life, healthier eating habits, and active lifestyle serve as a compelling testament to the transformative power of working with us!

We would love to work with you and help you fall in love with food. Fill in the free consultation form below and lets explore how we can start writing your transformation story.

Let's Just Talk. No Obligations.

I do free consultations every Tuesday's and Thursday's. Either way you will get some actionable tips to reach your fitness goals faster.

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