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  • Neha's Transformation Story.
    October 25, 2023

    Neha's Transformation Story.

    Neha's transformation story is similar to all of our's. In the race of excelling in our professional career, health and wellness can sometimes take a back- seat. But Neha reached out to our team at the right time and vouched to incorporate health into her lifestyle. No fad- diets, no calorie cutting, but still resulst that will drop your jaw- keep reading. 

    A Singapore-based, HR Professional, Avid Traveller, Self-Confessed Foodie and Health freak, Neha connected with us a few months ago. Her goals here simple, heathy, sustainable weight loss.

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  • Can Achalasia Cardia Be Reversed? A Client's Testimony.
    October 14, 2023

    Can Achalasia Cardia Be Reversed? A Client's Testimony.

    Only 8 out of every 1,00,000 people are affected by Achalasia Cardia. This is a very rare swallowing disorder, that impacts a small percentage of the population. It is essentially the narrowing of the esophagus right before opening up into the stomach. 

    Ram was told by his doctors that Achalasia Cardia cannot be reversed. He approached us predominantly to work on his weight and metabolic markers as Ram had even given up on managing his gastric disorder. 

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  • Should I try a Vegan OMAD diet?
    December 16, 2022

    How To Use Vegan OMAD For Weight Loss?

    As hunters & gatherers, nomads & vagabonds, we would go long periods without eating. There would be periods of drought and we were comfortable with no food for prolonged hours.

    Our adrenals would be on overdrive, enabling us to fight for food. This is how our limbic system, or ‘old primitive brain’, was accustomed to.


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  • PCOS/PCOD In India.
    September 4, 2022

    All About Rise Of PCOS/PCOD In India.

    Although PCOS has been around for a while, there is no specific test or procedure to confirm its diagnosis. In some cases, a patient may need to see a doctor more than once or even multiple doctors to confirm diagnosis.

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  • Different types of weight loss surgeries in India (and why it never works) | Roshni Sanghvi
    July 28, 2020

    Different types of weight loss surgeries in India (and why it never works)

    Time and again I have frustrated clients coming upto me at the gym asking if they should resort to liposuction or bariatcic surgery as a form of last resort. 'I have tried everything' they would say, and honestly speaking, they are not entirely wrong. If you are reading this article, you have either considered this option for yourself or for a concerned loved one and want to know more about the procedure. 
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