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ONE MAJOR tip I live by for a flat belly. - Roshni Sanghvi

ONE MAJOR tip I live by for a flat belly.

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Such a click-bait title, but seriously, if there was only one tip I could give someone for a flat belly, it would be this.

It is though very important to understand that any “fast results for fat loss” or “lose two inches in two days” kind of programs will only help you reduce bloating and NOT fat. Fat loss only happens with manipulating the calories you eat vs burn. Thus, even if you do not workout at all, but are sick with fever or something, the body consumes less food and you will lose weight. Though not a healthy or sustainable way, you will still lose weight. If you train too hard, could be on or off the gym floor, and don’t eat well, you will lose weight.

So any tip for a flat belly that does not involve exercise and diet is really just helping you reduce body- water retention or inflamation. Our body love to hold onto fluids and water. This causes the tummy to bloat, giving you the sensation that you are holding onto more fat than there actually is. Follow the below routine to reduce bloating and help you feel flatter. Of course for permanent fat- loss, make healthy nutrition and fitness part of your lifestyle.

#FitTip time:

Start your day with my Golden Tea (recipe below), and stay of all kinds of oil’s till 1pm (lunchtime). Of course make sure to not consume any dairy products since dairy is a MAJOR cause of bloating (thus, no tea/ coffee with dairy milk). I have also included some breakfast options below for reference. This needs to be followed 6/7 days at least and you will see your stomach reset and detox itself. Keep your breakfast still high in fibrous carbs and proteins, but low in fats and absolutely no oil’s. Want to take this one step further? See if you can stay of oil’s till dinner. I will upload more videos with recipe ideas on my YouTube channel, make sure to subscribe to my channel so you do not miss out on any of them.

Golden Detox Tea:

1 full lemon

3/4 litre's of water

1/2 stick of cinnamon

1/2 thumb ginger (grated)

1/2 tbps turmeric powder

Heat water and add all ingredients (except turmeric and lemon). Once heated, just remove the cinnamon stick out, add the turmeric and lemon. Your anti-bloating drink is ready!

Lemon reduces the acidity in the stomach and helps with detoxification. The citric acid in the lemon is also great for a vibrant skin! Cinnamon is a powerful anti-bloating agent. Apart from that it also helps clean free radicles of the system and helps the body heal faster, while reducing inflammation. The medicinal properties of ginger roots have been long known. Besides helping with digestion of food, ginger also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. This is particularly beneficial for people with osteoarthritis or generally week joints. Turmeric is called the Golden Spice for more than just its color. Right from treating oral health, gallbladder function, respiratory health, the cardiovascular system to brain health, it does it all. Because of its benefits to the digestive health, turmeric helps with bloating too.

I would suggest you have this upon waking up. Feel free to go in for a light to moderate intensity 30 min walk/ jog/ run post this for additional benefit. Breakfast options can be one of the below once,

1) Smoothies!- My all-time favorite!

2) Idly with chutney or sambhar (cooked without oil).

3) Millet or oats porridge.

4) Fruit ‘cereal’ bowl.

5) Mung beans and soy mylk curds.

6) Mix veg parathas (cooked without oil) and daal.

Do try this for atleast two weeks and post comments about how you feel below. This tip has honestly been a gamechanger for me and I truly hope it helps you too.

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Nidhi Shah - March 20, 2022

Love your website ! It is truly amazing. Finally found a nutritionist which support vegan and intermittent fasting.

Kanika - September 6, 2020

I love your content, Roshni! Your site is a goldmine! Thank you !

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