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My secret paan- chai recipe | Roshni Sanghvi

My secret paan- chai recipe

Is thirst related to obesity?

It’s summer!

Angiotensin is a hormone released as a response to thirst. Angiotensin triggers us to drink water and dilates our blood vessels. Now elevated angiotensin level’s in the body have been linked with obesity and hypertension.

Thus, staying hydrated is important. Besides, liquid consumption has been proven to improve gut motility and even mood.

You will be surprised though that most of us do not drink enough water.

I remember on my last week preparing for a bodybuilding competition, my coach was applying a technique called water loading to get rid of bloating and be stage-ready. We started with a little over 3 liters of water per day in the beginning of the week and consciously dropped the water intake as we got closer to our stage day. I obviously had to measure exactly how much I was drinking per day and was surprised to see that I was having trouble even getting in two liters a day. Meaning, on my normal days I probably got no more than 1- 1.5 liters!

This is often the case with most of my clients. When they complain of constipation and we run through their food diary only to see they are doing everything right. But when I ask them how much water they are drinking, its like a light bulb goes on, ‘Oh yes! I have been so busy working, that I barely get up from my desk for water breaks’ they say.

So here is my trick.

Make herbs and spices tea and stock them up in your fridge. This gives you something fancy to look forward to. I just made a great combination right now which is of:

  • Rose leaves

  • Betel leaves

  • Black lea leaves

  • Cardamom

  • Saffron

  • Lime rind

Tastes exactly like drinking a paan! Just mix it all in water and let the water boil. But make sure it is chilled before you drink it. This is best enjoyed cold!

Now I would mostly make at least a liter and finish the same in 2-3 days. Besides, all the above herbs and leaves have medicinal properties!

Makes for a good drink on get-to-gethers when others are drinking beer too!

Share your favorite herb- water mix!

Loving you always,

Roshni Sanghvi.

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About Roshni Sanghvi

Roshni Sanghvi is an Indian plant-based sports nutritionist and body transformation specialist. She is the first Indian to represent on a national bodybuilding stage being on a 100% plant-based diet. Roshni is a holistic nutritionist, graduated from the prestigious NutraPhoria college of nutrition in Canada.

She is also an ACE-certified personal trainer, certified PlantFed gut coach, certified Bodyshred, and Animal flow instructor with a specialisation in disease reversal through food and lifestyle modification.

Her approach is more focused on helping you in adopting a healthy lifestyle. With her result-oriented holistic methods, she has managed to transform and reverse lifestyle diseases such as PCOS, Thyroid, Diabetes etc for 12k+ clients worldwide.