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Which alcohol leads to man- boobs?

Posted on April 23 2022

Which alcohol leads to man- boobs? | Roshni Sanghvi

Steer clear from this drink!

Since we are on the topic of man- boobs...

Beer and Man Boobs?

Does consuming too much of your weekend alcoholic beverage actually cause man boobs?

There have been several case studies and researches conducted in this regard.

A particular flavoring agent in beer called hops has been linked to enhanced breast-like tissue development in men. According to The New York Post, beers loaded with hops contain high amounts of an estrogen-like hormone.

Hops aside, just the alcohol content in beer is enough to fluctuate sex hormones in humans. When it comes to alcohol, it is not the number of calories you are consuming that have an effect on the body, but the disruption of hormones it causes to the system. Beer specifically is also more carcinogenic to the breast than other alcohols.

Did you also know that hops is a common ingredient in many breast enhancing supplements? That beer does not look all that good now, does it?

Steering clear from having too much beer and maintaining a healthy diet and exercise program can help to avoid forming man boobs, naturally.

This weekend, skip the beer.


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