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Does drinking smoothies cause weight gain?

Posted on April 23 2022

Does drinking smoothies cause weight gain? | Roshni Sanghvi

Drinking VS eating your food.

Do liquid calories digest different from solid calories?

Say you give a group of people two cups of fruits and three glasses of water to drink and test to see how fast they get hungry after eating the same.

Would it be different than giving the same people the same exact fruits and water, but this time blended into a smoothie?

Researchers actually put this to the test!

After the smoothie, people got hungrier faster and ate more for the next meal!

The exact number of calories and fiber, but smoothies just didn't fill people up as much as the fruits did.

Turns out, the act of chewing played an important role. The slower one chews their food, the more they felt full. Check out this study for instance where participants were either asked to chew their food 35 times or 10 times per bite. No points for guessing that the group chewing more ate less. Almost 1/3rd cup of pasta (100 calories) less!

So no more smoothies?

From my professional experience, smoothies are probably the only time some of my clients would eat raw greens. It is really a power glass of micronutrients and much more nutritionally dense than poha and bread from breakfast.

So don’t say no to smoothies, just drink it slowly instead of gulping it all down at once.

Hope this helps!

Roshni Sanghvi.


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