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The fine line between fitness and Body Shaming - Roshni Sanghvi

The fine line between fitness and Body Shaming

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I have already been told not to write about this but ehh, I still am. I really hope as you are reading through, you take this as an inspiration/ motivation and try and look at the positive arguments. Of course these views are solely mine and you are free to disagree.

Does you being obese/ out of shape define your beauty and acceptance in the society. Obviously we all agree it does not, but I defiantly do not think an unhealthy person is a good role model, especially to their kids who look to to you. I believe beauty and fitness are two separate things and should never be mixed up. EVERYONE is beautiful in their own way. Being out of shape (by choice) does not make you ugly, but I don’t think it makes you the best role model either. Everyone has someone looking upto them always. If no one, your kids and family look up to you. By deliberately being out of shape what kind of an example are you setting up for them. Also, being ‘in shape’ does not mean having a six- pack or a certain kind of physique, I simple mean being fit. Being able to do ADL (activities of daily living) without getting exhausted, having your vitals normal, and being able to enjoy simple pleasures of life such as running hjaround your dog or going for picnic with your family without getting out of breath.

Is it still your personal choice to be of whatever fitness level you want to be? Sure it is. But then do not expect your kids to be fit. Do not expect your spouse or loved once to stand by the hospital bed when you fall victim to obesity related diseases and waste their time. And defiantly do not expect a ‘good- job’ and thumbs up from the society. When I see female fitness experts upload pictures of their finely chiseled abs, I do not think they are doing so to set a ‘society’ standard of what is and is not expected. I know MONTHS of handwork goes into sculpting a physique and I only find pure motivation from that. If that inspires you to just lose a couple of kilo’s, then whats wrong with that. As fitness experts, its our job to maintain our physiques and we get paid for that. But if it is not your profession, you do not have to get to that level of fitness. It is still very important that you stay fit and lose the excess body fat.

Will losing the extra fat make you more beautiful? Only if you think so. It sure will make you more fitter and healthier. This new level of fitness and health may even make you more confident but thats all what you make of it. You are beautiful- faults and all. Having a certain body type has nothing to do with your inner and external beauty. Still not taking away from the fact that a fit body is a status symbol. Yes, I will look up to a fitter body and admire the hard work gone into building that. The sacrifices made to get there and the long hour put into nourishing it. Without being judgemental, I will also encourage someone who is not fit to adopt fitness.

If I see someone obese at the gym really working hard to get fit, whats wrong with appreciating their work vs someone who is doing nothing for their fitness? Also, is in not a little funny how if there is one negative comment for a picture of a person who is obese, everyone goes to the rescue but if there is a picture of a female fitness expert with good muscle definition there are 100s of comments shaming her and calling her ‘masculine’? How is this okey!?

I honestly just mean to say, there is absolutely no reason you can give yourself for not being fit. Irrespective of whatever your starting point is, you have to start! Carrying excess body fat and becoming a reason for concern to your loved once is nothing to feel proud about (I know many of you will hate me for writing this already). Curves don’t make you look ugly, but excess dangerous level of body fat and your ignorance towards it is not beautiful either.

Carry a 10 kg dumbbell in your hand and start walking on the treadmill. You will want to drop it after the first 3 minutes. But push yourself for a little longer. After 10 minutes you will hate me for making you do this. You will defiantly not be able to go on for anything longer than 30 minutes. Now imagine the extra body fat (some of you even more than 10 kgs) you have been carrying around for years! If only dropping a 10kg dumbbell after 30 minutes felt so good, just imagine how light and beautiful you will feel once you permanently drop that 10kgs from your body weight. Is telling you this body shaming? Am I discriminating you for being obese or calling you ugly? Or is putting up pictures of transformation setting a ‘society standard’ for what is expected? How else can I motivate you to drop that dumbbell you are carrying around that is unnecessary!

When I walk around socially I see people around me and when someone is obese, my heart really goes out knowing I can help that person. If by me talking to someone about their body size will encourage them to be fitter and healthier, then I will do it! And yes, fitter body will bring you more happiness (obesity has been linked with depression in multiple studies) and energy. Does that make you more beautiful? Maybe even so. You will be more vibrant, enthusiastic and free from all the excess weight.

Lastly, a message for all those obese and shy about exercising, assuming what people around you will think when you are at the gym. Someone fitter than you have already walked the path and knows the struggles. They will only be more likely to help you get in shape and feel with your struggles. Do not hesitate to ask for help. You have started, and that is success in itself! You will start feeling fitter and stronger even before the fat loss begins to happen (which is really just a by product to fitness). Start somewhere, YOU deserve a fitter body. Do this favour to yourself and don’t make excuses. Make this a priority for the next 6 months and you will be thankful you did.

It is also very very important you get the right guidance to start getting right results! Don’t shy away from reaching out for help!

Ok I am done and NO this was not like a rant fest… I really was just trying to encourage some to adopt and madly fall in love with fitness just like I do! I have seen how beautiful this affair with your body is and want the whole world to experience it!

Like/ comment and share this post to encourage a few more people! I know you want me to write only about fitness and nutrition tips, and I promise to do so more. But this blog is also my personal space to express my thoughts and this is just one of that.

If I did offend anyone, well I did not mean to do anything but encourage.

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Mimi - September 27, 2021

This is what ive been needing . Thank u

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