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Google's Most Searched Questions about Fat and Weight Loss - Roshni Sanghvi

Google's Most Searched Questions about Fat and Weight Loss

It's time to put an end to all your weight loss queries. We have picked the most searched keywords starting with "Can you lose weight by just doing" and answered them for you, all in a single place! Here's all the information you need to know about weight and fat loss from credible sources.

1) Can you lose fat just by doing cardio?

Absolutely! To lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you consume. Hence, you must adjust your lifestyle in such a way that doing cardio is sufficient to burn more calories than you consume. Do note, it is definitely not the fastest way to lose weight (nor the healthiest), but it will get you there.

2) Can you lose fat by just doing weights or lifting weights?

Yes again, lifting weights is an excellent way to burn calories in a short period. Many people have the wrong idea that the best way to lose weight is through cardio. Any activity that helps you burn calories can help you lose weight. Studies show that weight lifting can boost your metabolism for up to 38 hours. It means you will burn more calories hours after your weight training session, unlike cardio. A great option would be to follow a strength training program that has 'cardio acceleration' sets in between. This simply means, that after every strength training set, do 60 seconds of a cardio activity such as jumping jacks, mountain climbers etc. This mini cardio variations will keep your heart rate high and burning calories.

3) Can you lose belly fat by just drinking water?

Almost! Many people believe that drinking lots of water helps them lose weight. Drinking water helps you burn calories through a process known as resting energy expenditure. Studies show that adults' resting energy expenditure increases by 25 to 30 percent within 10 minutes of drinking water. In children, the energy expenditure increases by up to 25 percent.

Besides this, you are likely to eat less if stuffed up with water. Also, there is an hormone called angiotensin that has been linked with thirst. Excess angiotensin activity in the body has been linked with obesity, so you probably want to avoid going thirsty for too long.

4) Can you lose belly fat by just doing sit-ups?

The answer is no. If you believe that you can lose belly fat by solely relying on sit-ups, you are making a mistake. You can do hundreds of sit-ups every day for months, but the results won't be up to your expectations. On the contrary you are risking an injury to your lower back.

Reducing weight, in general, requires you to have a proper diet and exercise regime. Spot fat reduction is not as easy as people believe. The best way to get a lean tummy is to follow the regular weight reduction programs and eat healthy food.

5) Can you lose fat by just eating healthy?

Absolutely, healthy eating is one of the most effective ways to reduce your weight without significantly altering your lifestyle. Sticking to a whole- food plant- based diet is the best way to achieve this result. In fact, just switching to a vegan diet, without calorie counting or worrying to much about macros will help you lose weight. Here is a sample meal plan.

Fat Loss Breakfast

6) Can you lose fat by just eating less?

Absolutely! Are you aware of Jared Fogle, popularly knows as the 'subway man' who shot a documentary of himself losing weight on a 'junk food diet'. He basically ate nothing but Subway sandwiches for months together and lost a lot of weight. On the other hand, if you remove fruits, vegetables, and other nutritious food from your diet and go with coke and fast food, you will gain cholesterol, metabolic and heart diseases. So sure just by eating less you could lose weight, but at the cost of your health if your nutrition intake is close to nil.

A healthy lifestyle and good eating habit is the key to weight loss.

7) Can you lose fat in only one area?

The answer is no and yes. Losing fat from specific areas is known as spot reduction. It is one of the most common myths regarding weight loss. This method doesn't work because the muscles that these exercises target are small. As a result, the outcome is relatively unnoticeable. You will feel that you have burnt a lot of calories in doing so. This would even help you lose weight, but not necessarily burn fat in a particular region.

However, you will start gaining muscle mass in those perticula areas, giving you an illusion that you are lean and chiseled. This is muscle toning rather than fa loss though. Look at hugs in the gym that only work on chest/ arms. They have well chiseled upper body but with a huge belly and chicken legs.

8) Can you lose weight by just walking?

Yes, aerobic exercises such as walking can help you lose weight, but other factors play an important role as well. It would help if you considered your diet, the duration of the workout, and your overall fitness.

A 30-minute brisk walk can help you burn as much as 150 calories. The effects won't be immediate, but if you are willing to go the extra mile to reach your goal, you will eventually see the results.

9) Can you lose weight by just dancing?

Yes, dancing can aid in losing weight. Dancing is an aerobic activity similar to walking and running. As a result, if you dance for 20 to 30 minutes daily, you can manage to lose some weight in a couple of months. Still, it would help if you organised your diet and cut down the consumption of food items rich in calories to get the best results.

10) Can you lose weight by just drinking apple cider vinegar?

Surprisingly, yes! Read the below blog to understand:

Top 9 tips for vegetarians to lose belly fat.

That being said, apple cider vinegar is not a reliable way to reduce weight if you don't take any additional measures. An article by Harvard suggests that people have been using vinegar for centuries due to its detoxification abilities. It further clarified that people who drink apple cider vinegar lose more weight than those who don't. However, these people also followed a well-balanced diet and exercise routine.

So, Apple cider vinegar can help you use it as a part of your weight loss program. If you think only consuming apple cider vinegar will help you lose weight, you will be disappointed.

11) Can you lose weight by just wearing a waist slimmer?

No, waist trainers don't help you lose weight, at least directly. They only make your waistline slimmers when you put them on. It would make you look good while it is on, but your waist will go back to its original shape once removed.

However, a waist trainer puts pressure on your stomach, which might make you feel fuller and help you eat less, which can help with weight loss.

12) Can you lose weight by just eating bread and water?

No, you cannot lose weight by eating only bread and water. Rather it will cause health issues. If you rely on bread for your daily nutrition intake, you won't get a lot of that, especially if it isn't whole grain bread. Regular bread is extremely processed and would be counterproductive for people who want to lose weight.

Exercise and a nutritious, balanced diet are the key components of losing weight. Only eating bread and drinking water is not the right way to lose weight without degrading your overall health.

13)Can you lose weight by just doing burpees?

Yes, burpees can aid in weight loss. It is a full-body exercise that many people associate with punishment in the military. However, it helps you burn lots of calories, which is key to losing weight and keep yourself fit. At the same time, the exercise also puts stress on your muscles and helps with their development.

As a result, performing burpees and a good diet can be an effective weight loss plan, but don't push yourself too hard as it may lead to sore muscles or injuries.

14) Can you lose weight by just eating boiled eggs?

Absolutely not! Eggs are extremely high in choline. Once this choline enters the body, you gut bacteria feeds on the same, releasing TMAO. Elevated TMAO level's in the body have been associated with arteriosclerosis, cholesterol, heart diseases and leaky gut. In fact, eggs are so harmful to your health, that the egg industry is banned from using words like 'nutritious' and 'healthy. Watch this video to understand more:

15) Can you lose weight by just cutting carbs?

Yes, you can lose weight by cutting carbohydrates. A low carb diet is one of the most popular ways to lose weight. However, the weight loss is not because of cutting out an entire food group- carbs, but rather because of consuming lower calories overall. Everything you eat that comes from plant's is carbs. Not only do you get carbs from plants, but also fibre, nutrients and vitamins. Not consuming enough plant's will lead to some weight loss, but overall will have a grave effect on your metabolism, bodily functions and hormone levels. Most of these are very difficult to fix.

16) Can you lose weight just by breathing?

Yes, you can lose weight just by breathing but the results are insignificant. According to a study mentioned in the BMJ, breathing can help with weight loss. However, the amount of weight that you lose through breathing is insignificant, and eating a single piece of cookie provides enough fat to counter the amount lost through breathing.

If you plan to lose weight only through a breathing exercise, you won't see any noticeable difference soon.

17) Can you lose weight just by building muscle?

Yes, you can lose weight by building muscle. Muscles eat up more calories than fat does. So if you have more muscle mass, your BMR rises. BMR is the amount of calories you burn at rest without efforts. As long as you do not simultaneously eat more calories, just focusing on muscle gain can actually be a healthy way of losing fat and gaining health.

18) Can you lose weight by just cycling?

Yes, you can lose weight by just cycling provided it is of the correct intensity and duration. Cycling, a form of aerobic exercise, is an excellent way to lose weight. However, the process of weight loss through cycling is not straightforward, and Adam Carey, CEO of, says that one needs to consider multiple variables to do so. The duration you cycle for, the amount of energy spent, and the difficulties you face all affect your weight.

If you have made it this far, you probably are someone who is desperately trying to see the number on the scale down with the least amount of efforts. The truth is fat loss is really not as hard as we have made it in our minds. Temporary diets can never lead to sustained results and when you do gain the weight back from temporary diets, you end up blaming yourself for the same.

A customised diet and lifestyle change as per body type is the easiest way to help you get in shape for multiple reasons.

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