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17 Best Vegan Leather Shoes/Footwear Brands In India | Roshni Sanghvi

17 Best Vegan Leather Shoes/Footwear Brands In India

Love Leather products, but feel guilty of all the animal harm? Just one world Vegan Leather.

Leather shoes were once considered a status symbol. It is today considered animal abuse, and the world is changing toward a cruelty-free, vegan lifestyle.

The footwear industry is no exception, and it's time to retire those beautiful leather boots, or at the very least refrain from purchasing new ones.

As industry standards evolve, fresh technologies emerge, making it easier to identify alternatives. Vegan leather has been on the market for a long time, and Indian Vegan footwear brands are beginning to adapt to it. Here's a look at some of the vegan footwear options available on the Indian market.

Vegan Leather

Vegan Leather is mostly made from a polymer named Polyurethane.
This is just perfect for any designer’s desire. It can be produced from integrated and efficient materials like pineapple leaves, cork, apple peels, other fruit debris, and recyclable materials to create items that the "real" leather industry made from animal skins.

Basically, Vegan Leather is a part of Sustainable Fashion. Fashion that is both ecologically friendly and ethical is referred to as sustainable fashion.

Ethical fashion is defined as clothing that is created with conscience by people who are treated decently and with respect.

Animal-free fashion is defined as clothing that is not manufactured from the skins or bodies of animals.

The other day, I was reading this quote, “Clothes could have more meaning and longevity if we think less about owning the latest or cheapest thing and develop more of a relationship with the things we wear” -Elizabeth L. Cline.

In this 21st century, this is so apt. We have adopted the practice of e-waste recycling, sustainable farming, terrace gardening, rain water harvesting, installing solar panels in houses and what not! You name it, sustainability is EVERYWHERE.

I think Vegan Leather is more than a trend. We consumers have become conscious. We check the laws and compliances even before buying real Leather. But, what to do with the GUILT?

You remember, how Phoebe from F.R.I.E.N.D.S was feeling guilty of a Mink Overcoat, that at the end of the episode she gave it to a passerby. Somewhere, I feel this is what happens with us too. Thanks to Vegan Leather for existing!


You know what fits perfectly in the equation- The Affordability of Vegan Leather Products.

It’s simple - Choose Wisely.

What is Vegan Leather made from?

Vegan leather has seen a technical and commercial growth in the last decade, fueled by customer demand for more ethical and environmentally friendly fashion alternatives. Synthetic leather, which is composed of PVC or polyurethane, is the most frequently accessible form of imitation leather today (PU).

However, as the appeal of vegan fashion has risen, more and more natural vegan leathers that are good for both animals and the environment are being offered by entrepreneurs and researchers.

Natural Vegan Leather:

  • Paper

The concept of paper leather may appear fragile, but don't be fooled by the term. Washable paper is another name for this sort of vegan leather.

Paper leather was formerly just used for the outer labels of trousers, but today it's seen in everything from home décor to purses. Paper leather is a delicate yet tough material that may be made to seem smooth or distressed.

  • Cork Leather

Cork is an excellent eco-friendly substitute for leather. This sustainable material is made from the bark of cork trees, which grows back over the years, and is used to produce elegant vegan bags, wallets, and even shoes.

  • Pinatex

The leaf fibres of PINEAPPLES are used to make this sort of fake leather. That's correct. Pineapples. Dr. Carmen Hijosa created Pinatex after learning about the detrimental ecological consequences of genuine leather on our world.

  • Waxed Cotton

Cotton fibres can be “waxed” by soaking them in paraffin wax or beeswax (though we prefer to use paraffin and leave our bee friends alone). Waxed cotton, a prominent fashion option from the 1920s through the 1950s, has resurfaced in vegan design since it has a comparable look to leather while avoiding animal cruelty.

  • Recycled Rubber

Recycled rubber may be manufactured from a variety of rubber items, including rubber hoses, tyres, and inner tubes. Rubber has a similar solidity to leather, making it ideal for vegan purses and accessories.

  • Mushroom Leather

Muskin is Piatex's veggie sibling. It's created from mushroom cap extracts, which are subsequently processed into vegetable-tanned leather. Muskin is produced in a similar fashion to animal hide leather, but without the use of harmful chemicals. Plus, a Muskin “leather” sheet the size of an animal hide may be grown in just two months!

  • Ligneah

The Ligneah company in Italy produces a promising new vegan leather substance called Ligneah. Ligneah extracts wood and creates flexible patterns using micro laser incisions, which are then combined with cotton for usage in fashion and home design. Ligneah exclusively utilises wood from responsibly managed forests and is affiliated with Tree Nation, a nonprofit that plants a new tree for every product sold in Niger, Africa.

Non-Natural Vegan Leather:

Despite the recent growth in the accessibility of real vegan leathers, synthetic leather remains the most popular material for vegan leather totes, purses, and other accessories.

  • PVC

PVC leather (also known as vinyl) was the first synthetic leather to hit the market, produced from polyvinyl chloride.

PVC leather fabric is created by mixing polyvinyl chloride with stabilisers, plasticizers, and lubricants, then adhering it to a base material. Polyester, cotton, nylon, and rayon are common foundation materials.

PVC leather is an older synthetic leather that is also a very inexpensive fabric. It's manufactured with (and includes) a lot of hazardous chemicals that are bad for the environment - and even bad for human health - making it a less attractive option when compared to more contemporary synthetic leathers like PU leather and microfiber leather.

  • Polyurethane

PU leather is created by coating various textiles (such as cotton, nylon, polyester, and microfiber) with PU, which makes them water resistant, anti-bacterial, and gives them a leather-like appearance.

Texture, strength, flexibility, and durability of PU leathers vary, and different production techniques provide varied results. Premium PU leather may appear very stunning and have a luxury feel to it. When it comes to durability, good PU leather may endure a long period if properly cared for.

  • Microfiber Leather

Microfiber leather, on the other hand, is produced using a polyamide fibre basis and then covered with a polyurethane resin.

Microfiber leather is a more durable option because of its robust microfibre basis, although it comes at a greater price. Microfiber leather has long been utilised in airline seats, sports equipment, and high-end couches and shoes because of its incredible resilience.

The Future of Vegan Leather Products

Boy Oh Boy! They are here to STAY!

Leather is one of the most widely traded products on the planet. The leather goods sector contributes significantly to the global economy.

Vegan leather is becoming more popular throughout the world since it is used in a variety of applications such as purses, bags, apparel, furnishings, automobiles, and accessories.

A variety of factors contribute to the need for fake or vegan leather, including changing client preferences, expanding demand for animal-free items, and increased awareness of the benefits of vegan leather, among others.

Research and development work in the vegan leather sector has been critical in differentiating the overall characteristics of vegan leather from regular leather.

Investors in the vegan leather business are spending in research and development to create vegan leather with superior properties. Vegan leather is produced in a variety of colours, patterns, functions, and textures by both new and experienced competitors in the present market environment.

Various firms are forming strategic collaborations to manufacture innovative and long-lasting vegan leather in line with industry trends. Furthermore, the majority of the firms are declaring alliances with other companies in order to ease the development of new models for commercialising various applications.

Vendors are needed to coordinate their product innovation, according to the needs of each of their sectors, due to the increasing demand for vegan leather in different industries such as furniture, apparel, footwear, automobile, accessories, and so on.

Top 14 Vegan Leather Shoe Brands in India
Are you looking for vegan leather shoes in India? We've done all the legwork for you and compiled a list of multiple choices of animal leather so you can pick and select what appeals to you the most.

1. A Big Indian Story

A Big Indian Story is a PETA-approved sustainable fashion business that employs eco-friendly materials to create its goods. This start-up is cruelty-free and authentically Indian, wonderfully portrays the Indian spirit via its designs, which will quickly capture your attention!

Get your hands on their gorgeous leather footwear and accessories, including purses, that will keep you guilt-free and fashionable!

2. Malai

Malai is a vegan leather business based in Kerala that uses coconut to create a robust biocompatible material that feels akin to leather or paper.

The company is completely sustainable, moral, and organic, and it collaborates with local farmers and processing facilities. Check out their wonderful selection of purses, wallets, shoes, furniture, and more here, and you'll be sure to fall in love with them!

3. The Alternate

The Alternate is a cruelty-free, all-company men's for gentlemen who want highly fashionable, luxury, and cruelty-free shoes and bags.

They are affiliated with PETA India, and all of their items are vegan and handmade! If you want to explore sustainable fashion, this brand is a must try.

4. Happy Sole

Ladies and Gentlemen, Happy Sole has a trendy range of vegan footwear that also scores well on fashion for your Feet to be Happy. PETA-approved, the brand has been gaining popularity for its intriguing range of footwear, which includes heels, flats, and more!

5. Senso

Senso was one of the first Indian businesses to get into the vegan leather market! They name themselves a "vegetarian shoes" firm, and they cater to all men and women who like pampering their feet with cruelty-free, ecological footwear!

Women may get their hands on party shoes, heels, flats, and flip flops, while men can soothe their feet with formal shoes, sneakers, sandals, and slippers! You may also choose from a variety of stylish wallets, belts, buckles, and other accessories from the company.

6. Paio

Paio is a Mumbai-based business that creates some very wonderful pairs of shoes for individuals who want to be "responsible" while yet looking gorgeous! Handcrafted, PETA-certified, vegan, and oh-so-beautiful, their items are a must-have!

Since its beginning in 2016, the business has been experimenting with various sorts of textiles, plant-based leathers, mushroom leather, and other natural forms of leather to ensure that anything you wear or flaunt is cruelty-free and fashionable.

7. Monkstory

Monkstory is the place to go for excellent vegan footwear, whether you're looking for Loafers, Slip-ons, or conventional Oxford Lace-ups.

These are made of synthetic leather, which is not only cruelty-free but also utilises less chemicals than real leather and is more resilient. This PETA-approved brand is located in Chennai.

8. The Cai Store

If you want a modern look, The Cai Store is the right place for you. This women's footwear line not only creates high-quality handcrafted shoes, but also avoids using leather. These stylish yet practical shoes are a must-have addition to any outfit.

9. Achille’s Heel

The brand is named after a Greek hero, and it uses his power to create premium footwear that is tailored to your preferences. Nirali Ruparel, a Mumbai-based designer, has created a brand that allows you to personalise your shoe by choosing the style, material, sole, and other features.

10. Nopelle

The name practically shouts "I'm a vegan." Nopelle is a mixture of the words No and Pelle, with Pelle denoting animal skin. Their footwear is surely something you would want in your wardrobe, combining top-quality vegan leather with time-honored workmanship and contemporary styles.

11. Ethik

Ethik is a leather-free men's fashion label located in Bengaluru, India's Silicon Valley. Ethik has been the brand of choice for individuals who believe in creating sustainable, conscientious, and cruelty-free fashion choices since its launch in 2012. Their shoes, belts, wallets, and accessories are high-quality, ethically made, and long-lasting.

They have built the groundwork for a sustainable future with an outstanding range of luxury fashion items, armed with these historical lessons.

12. Marche

The Marche brand is the place to go if you want a trendy or traditional style. This women's footwear business produces high-quality handcrafted shoes while avoiding the use of leather. These fashionable yet functional footwear are a must-have for every ensemble.

13. Marcus Tauras


Marcus Tauras is PETA approved. This women's footwear company makes high-quality handmade shoes without using any leather. They specialize in flats as of now, and it’s affordable too.

14. Juju

JUJU is an Indian fashion company that strives to produce art for your feet without sacrificing quality or comfort. Their shoes are beautifully handcrafted, ethically sourced, and vegan-friendly.

Their concept became the foundation for a footwear line that would combine age-old traditions with sustainable, mindful consumerism.

15. Lusso Lifestyle


Lusso Lifestyle is synonymous with opulence. They strive to be cruelty-free while providing a satisfying product for our clients. They have created items utilising vegan leather as a substitute to leather because of their belief in animal welfare and enthusiasm for design. Their items are meticulously hand-stitched to ensure our customers' comfort.

Lusso Lifestyle creates high-end designs that meet the demands of elegance, sleekness, and urbanity.

16. Paaduks

One thing I absolutely love about this brand is the name and the essence of it. They have maintained every true sense of sustainable fashion trends. Paaduks was founded in the year 2013 and since then it has not turned back.

They upcycle used tyres, conveyor belts, and rubber matting into soles for our footwear without using any chemical procedures. They've also dabbled in upcycling cork, and we combine it with locally and ethically obtained raw materials like jute and cotton to make exceptionally comfortable and sustainable footwear.

17. Mondarro


Mondarro is one of India's first vegan fashion businesses, specialising in cruelty-free, environmentally responsible, and handcrafted footwear with the option of customisation.

Mondarro was founded in early 2018 with the goal of educating India about the devastating effects of leather use on the environment and the number of animals injured in the process. They emphasised how we seek to use our privileges to contribute to larger change while refusing to do so at the expense of comfort, quality, or our moral convictions.

They do not use or plan to utilise leather, feathers, silk, or furs in any of our goods as a vegan brand. They are currently engaged in R&D in order to improve their manufacturing techniques and materials.

I truly hope that some of the above brands resonate with your taste in fashion. Leave a comment below with any other brand that you have personally tried and love.

On your next shoe spree, maybe it is time to try Vegan alternatives.

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