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11 min no equipment chest workout for women. - Roshni Sanghvi

11 min no equipment chest workout for women.

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Time to Read: 3 Minutes

Chest my favourite muscle group to train. This easy 11 minute workout works best when coupled with the arms workout. Aim to get in two to three sessions per week along with the arms workout video to get the best benefits.

If you are worried about gaining 'too much' muscle mass or looking muscular as a women, then you have nothing to worry my dear. Women do not have enough of the male sex hormone 'testosterone' to help gain ample muscle mass like men do. But what about he female bodybuilders you see on stage? Well then take in a lot of supplementary hormones to help them look like that. Plus train countless hours in the gym. This 11 minute workout does not cut it enough for them. This will help you tone the muscle fibres and make you look lean and strong.

Variations included in the video:

  1. Wrist warmup: I suggest pausing the video and working on the wrist more if it has been a while you did any sort of exercise. With bodyweight exercises, it is easy to hurt the wrist and the delicate fibres surrounding the same.
  2. Pushup on the knees: Try and keep your hips away from your knees and avoid resting on top of the knee joint. Ideally, you will want to keep your wrist in line with the shoulder and elbows tuck towards the ribcage when you drop down towards the floor.
  3. Cat- Camel spinal activation: Most of us have a stiff spine or hunched back. These postural abnormalities are often due to extended periods of sitting and working. Even if you do not do the rest of the video, aim to include the cat- camel stretch every morning once you wake up.
  4. Lizard push- up: Another great way to target the chest muscles while also stretching the inner and outer thigh muscles. Aim to actively work your lower body when strengthening the upper body.
  5. Plank hold: There are so many ways you can go wrong in this variation. If however you do it right, even ten seconds can feel A LOT. It takes time to teach your body to activate the core in the plank, but aim to focus on your navel and squeeze your butt for starters. If at any time you start feeling a strain on your elbow or lower back, re- align your posture to start working your core muscles.
  6. Dolphin Hold: Aim to walk your feet in as much as you possibly can in this variation. Most people also tend to hold a lot of strain in the neck region for this variation. Your neck should be relaxed and aim to look diagonally down towards the ground.
  7. Knee Kisses: Instead of trying to bring the knee to the chin (or chin to knee), try and suction the knee high up towards the chest. Use the back muscles to life the middle back high up towards the ceiling. This way, automatically the knee will lift and fall forward towards the chin.
  8. Crab hold: This is an active chest opener, meaning, unlike when you do a static stretch, you have to actively keep trying to expand your chest. Most people make the mistake of locking their elbow joint in this variation. You want to keep a micro bend in the elbows at all times to avoid getting into hyperextension.

Aim to repeat this video 3- 4 times per week (atleast!). Couple the same with the below meal plan (for fat loss):

Vegan fat loss plan for women (1500 calories).

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