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11 minute no equipment leg workout for women.

Posted on June 27 2020

11 minute no equipment leg workout for women. | Roshni Sanghvi

Time to Read: 4 Minutes

Did you exercise today? This video is a good starting time if you have not got a workout session in since 1942. Its short (11 minutes) and effective. Biologically, women tend to hold onto a little bit of extra body fat in the lower body and that is completely normal. But with a little bit of attention and love (and consistency of course), you can start toning the lower body muscles.

It might seem like 11 minutes won't do much for you, but I promise its enough to get you excited to come back for a longer session. Let's take one baby step if you are new or get some blood flowing if you do not have time for a longer session.


Variations included in the video.

Malasana to stand: This is a great warm up to activate the hamstrings and glutes (back of your legs). Keep your feet wider than the shoulders for a base of support so you do not fall over. You do not have to go all the way down if you cannot, just do the best you can.

Fire Hydrant: This variation looks funny but is excellent for the inner thighs and butt. Feel free to pause the video and do an extra set to feel your legs burning. Unlike a squat, it causes minimum impact on the knees and excellent for beginners.

Downward facing dog: They say if you must include one yoga pose in your daily practice, it should be this one. While strengthening your lower body, this pose also sends more oxygen to your brain and makes you feel alive. Do not worry about touching your heels to the floor just yet. You will get better with time.

Crescent pose: Try to think of a reach and drop action when holding this pose. While you are reaching your arms away from the body and high towards the ceiling, you are trying to drop your hips as close to the ground as possible. Make sure that the knee of the leg in front of the mat does not cross the toes and you keep driving your hips down instead of forward.

Warrior 3: Just like strength, balancing is a skill you will have to develop with a lot of practice and patience. Do not force yourself to hold this pose too much if you are not getting it. Fall back and keep trying to hold even for a few seconds at a time. But keep trying and within a few weeks, you will develop the skill to balance.

Figure 4: Besides being able to balance, this pose requires you to open your hip joint. If you have tight hips, this will seem like an impossible hold. That's absolutely ok! Instead of reaching your arms down, keep standing and try to balance till you develop some hip mobility.

Chair pose: If done wrong, you will feel a sharp pain in the knees in this pose. You want to step back if you feel pain. Besides feeling soreness and a sudden gush of blood flow in your quads, this posture should not be taxing on the knee's at all.

Aim to repeat this video 3- 4 times per week (atleast!). Couple the same with the below meal plan (for fat loss):

Vegan fat loss plan for women (1500 calories).

If you want to train live with me, join the bodyweight bootcamp where I come live to exercise with you three times per week.


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