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10 easy tips to help you get rid of the quarantine belly. - Roshni Sanghvi

10 easy tips to help you get rid of the quarantine belly.

Qurantine Belly Fat

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The quarantine probably came in with over- indulgence and some stress eating. You probably also are far – off from your summer bod and feeling guilty about not working hard enough over the forced house arrest. Not to worry, these lifestyle changes will get you right no track:

1) Take up no more than 2- 3 lifestyle changes together and work on them.

Trying to push yourself to get fitness, nutrition and lifestyle all right from one day is asking too much. There are ten points mentioned in this article. Pick any two and work on them for one week before adding on more.

2) If you are still worried about going to the gym, find a good online program to match your intensity.

Do not wait till things are settled, instead, start taking action right away. Even if it is for the next one week, find an online coach to get you started before you can hit your regular fitness center again.

3) Step on the weighing scale twice per day for the next one-month.

Track your weight once as soon as you wake up and once right before you go to bed. Granted you will not see much of a difference on a day’s difference, but just having accountability will keep you on track.

4 )The quickest way to feel motivated is to get rid of bloating in the belly.

Sodium (salt) causes you to hold onto water and feel bloated. The best way to flush the sodium out of your body is by increasing your water intake! Drink a liter of water between meals (avoid right after a meal) and wake up to 1/2- 1 liter of water. This way, you will be consuming 3-4 liters of water without forgetting. Though this sounds very simple, it’s actually a great tip! Another tip to help fight bloating is by increasing food rich in potassium like bananas/ dates and apricots. Try and have a banana/ papaya (natural laxative) smoothie as breakfast for a few days. Download my smoothie e- book linked here for more ideas.

5) Cardio up! By cardio I do not mean jogging/ elliptical etc.

The simplest way to do this is to download a step tracking app on your phone and aim to touch 5000 steps before lunch and another 5000 steps before going to bed. Regular household activities such as cleaning, drying clothes etc are great. You do not need to go on jog’s/ run’s etc.

6) Try intermittent fasting with an early eating window.

Sync your food with your body's natural circadian rhythm. This means, eat before sunset and have your first meal as close to noon as possible. Avoid eating between 7.30pm and 11am. Just this one change alone without anything else has shown to help drop 5 pounds in less than 3 months.

7) Start loosely tracking what you eat in either a food journal or the app MyFitnessPal.

Don’t try to go on a fat loss program or stay calorically deficit immediately, since your body is still recovering and repairing from all the abuse you might have done to it over your vacation. Eat enough to maintain your weight and start a fat loss program only after 15- 20 days if required. Most of you will come back to your normal weight within this time and will not require getting on a fat loss program at all.

8) Though I am not a huge fan of “detox tea’s”,

I suggest sipping on organic dandelion tea infused with some fresh mint leaves and ginger slices every night before bed. This might slightly aid in digestion and even cleanse your digestive track. Making a big pot of this and sipping it throughout the day is also fine (only for a few days though). Parsley/ celery/ cilantro and cucumber smoothie is another fantastic option! All of these will help with water depletion and act as natural diuretics.

9) Make small changes to pump up your metabolism and burn some fat.

Sure exercise and diet helps with weight loss, but what helps even more is lifestyle changes so fat is not absorbed or stored as much. Activating AMPK (also known as body’s fat controller) enzymes by eating foods such as night- shade vegetables (peppers and tomatoes) could trigger the body to store less fat naturally and increase feeling of satiety.

10) Sleeping in a cold environment without making no other changes

to diet is enough to boost one’s metabolism and activate BAT (brown adipose tissue’s) that help naturally burn more calories. Look up the Wim Hof method. Or simply, pump the AC up.

By the way if you are still under house arrest, make sure to read this blog titled


If you want more, my bodyweight bootcamp (linked here) is an excellent way to start making lifestyle changes to start melting fat. This is a digital wellness program that you can practice from anywhere on the planet.

Remember the 80/ 20 rule. To enjoy the freedom of eating whatever you want 20% of the time and still stay fit, you MUST be disciplined the remaining 80% of the time.

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