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Jain Diet Plan for Weight Gain and Muscle Gain | Roshni Sanghvi

Jain Diet Plan for Weight Gain and Muscle Gain

India is a multi-religious nation that has followers all over the world. One such religion that was born in India and spread all over the world due to its principles is Jainism.

Today there are close to six million followers of Jainism around the world, with nearly 4.5 million followers residing in India. What makes Jainism unique is that it not only teaches its followers the principles of non-violence and non-possession but also asks them to avoid eating animals and animal-based products. In a way, you can say that Jains have been following veganism for centuries, even though the term was coined during the 1940s.

Health Benefits of a Jain Diet

Jain diet is devoid of any animal-based product, and therefore many people believe that the diet is not suitable for people trying to gain weight or develop muscle mass. However, this is far from the truth.

It is true that Jains follow a vegetarian diet, but it doesn't mean that the diet doesn't account for protein and fats. We are constantly told that meat and dairy products help develop muscles and weight gain, but the same can be achieved on a vegan diet.

So, how can the Jain diet help you gain muscles and weight while avoiding protein-rich food items such as eggs, meats, cheese, etc.? Experts in Jain diet have figured it out over the years. You can find lots of plant-based alternatives to dairy and meat-based products that serve the same purpose.

A Jain diet for muscle gain is not much different than a regular vegan diet for muscle gain. Read the below blog before we proceed further:

Newbie to a plant- based diet and losing too much weight :(?

Jain Diet for Weight Gain

While eating eggs, meat, butter, ghee, and similar products to gain weight is the norm because these food items are rich in fats and can help you gain weight quickly. A well planned plant- based diet with nutritionally dense foods such as dates and nuts can help you achieve the same results. besides, non vegetarian fat sources are very high in cholesterol and harmful on a long run. Vegan fat sources on the other hand contain the necessary nutrients to help you gain weight and also help you remain healthy.

The first meal that you need to consider is breakfast. Experts often say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Switching to whole grain sources like an oatmeal bowl with fruits and dates or stuffed paratha with stir fry sprouts are great options. Traditional breakfasts like poha or idly are not as calorically dense. If you choose to eat them, I suggest you combine it with a huge glass of green smoothie like the one below:

Additionally, it would help if you consumed soybean, pulses, nuts, seeds, seed butters etc.

If you follow a decent Jain diet that helps you gain around 3000 calories per day, you will start noticing that your weight is increasing.

This diet is to be maintained for quite some time before you start gaining significant amounts of weight. Once you are close to the target weight, you can either reduce your caloric intake or follow a workout regime to maintain your weight in the desired range.

Jain Diet for Muscle Gain

Muscle gain is often associated with the consumption of meat, eggs, and protein shakes. A vegan or Jain diet might seem too overwhelming at first, but might actually be easier than it seems.

Adding a plant- based protein powder coming from peas/ soy/ rice/ hemp etc might be a good option. There are several plant- based protein powders available in the market now. Additionally, adding in tempeh and seitan (both made from whole grains and beans) to meet the daily protein requirements for the day is a good idea.

Millets and pseudo grains like ragi, quinoa and buckwheat is another fantastic option to get some wholesome calories. Try soba noodle salad (made from buckwheat) or quinoa pasta. Both these options are calorically dense food and not very high in volume like vegetables. Thus, even eating small portions would mean getting enough calories.

Healthy Jain Diet Recipes

Vegans Jains can consume most of these food items as they are mainly plant-based. Green peas, pumpkin and squash seeds, and peanuts are also rich in protein, so you can also start eating them.

Advantages of Jain Diet

The Jain diet is devoid of animal meat and naturally low in inflammation. It accounts for the stress that we face in our daily lives and suggests the food and workout regimes to help us remain healthy.

One of the Jain diet's main benefits is that its design is based on the Sun's cycle. This diet allows your body to digest food up to fifty percent more efficiently by telling you what to eat during the daytime and avoiding food post sunset.

This diet can help you improve your health without worrying about metabolic diseases.


To conclude, it doesn't matter if you are non-vegetarian, vegetarian, or even vegan when you opt for a healthy lifestyle. There are numerous ways to achieve your health targets through veganism or Jainism.

A plant- based diet does not slow down your lean muscle gain or progress. It is about working with your nutritionist, who takes your religious belief's into consideration and caters a routine that works for you the best. Calorie counting is essential when you are trying to gain muscle mass, so use an app like MyFitnessPal to help you calculate your daily caloric needs. A combination of plant-based food items with a few supplements can help you achieve the same goal in more or less the same amount of time.

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