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How I Cured Pcos Permanently With Indian Diet

How I Reversed My PCOS Permanently? (Bijal's Case study)

When I curated my PCOS management program, I had sleepless night's for months. And not in a bad way, but more of an excited way. I was excited by the idea of taking my years of education and experience and creating a guided 6- week step- by- step protocol to help women with PCOS.

I would literally stay up thinking of way to make complicated scientific information simple, and create lifestyle changes around them to ensure the results women see are lasting.

Today, seeing success stories like Bijal's, makes every bit of the work I put in worth it all. If you are a new reader of mine, make sure to read my infamous article on PCOS reversal here. The same has helped thousands of women across the globe take charge of their hormonal health:

Bijal's Story...

Bijal came to our team for help on PCOS management and like many women, she was confused and overwhelmed with the information available on social media. She was unsure what the right approach for her might be and where to even start from. However, she was willing to learn and try making changes the way we wanted her to.

"For most of us, we have all usually tried something before or have pre- conceived belief's about our health, but seeing the results from the program, a lot of my mental barriers were broken and I was willing to change my belief's"- Bijal

Understanding A Bad Lifestyle...

Before overcoming lousy lifestyle habits, it's essential to understand what they are.

We often blame our ability to not have enough 'self- control' when we have episodes of overeating, binge eating, emotional eating, and consuming too many processed or junk foods. However, multiple factors can keep us addicted to bad food and like any addiction, we will have to change the lifestyle to fix them.

PCOS and sugar craving

Just like a drug addict trying to go clean will require to make lifestyle modifications like finding a new friends group, going to NA (narcotic Anonymous) meetings etc. A person with an uncontrolled appetite is no different.

While I am typing this, top researchers and food scientists of the world are spending millions of dollars to come with with a chemical cocktail of hyper- palatable foods designed to keep you addicted like a drug. The tagline of a famous potato chip brand is "no one can eat just one" and its true!

When you are trying to fight uncontrolled cravings for junk food, you will have to make lifestyle modifications like:

  • Following a healthy circadian: You are more likely to have cravings for sugary and salty foods late int he night VS early morning. Think about this, would you ever wake up craving for a pizza? This is biology, and you cannot fight it. So the rightful thing to do would be to work on a healthy sleep routine.
  • Avoid hyper- palatable foods: Certain types of foods, particularly packed snacks or things with artificial sweeteners/ colour and flavours are designed to keep you addicted. Identifying and changing them will help you reduce cravings and not want to reach out for them.
  • Increase consumption of leafy greens and vegetables: Cravings can also arise from nutritional deficiencies. Making sure you get nutrient dense foods into your diet will keep these cravings at bay.

Understanding why we engage in these habits is the first step in overcoming them. Once you adopt healthier habits instead, you see how much better your body feels and will want to only add more healthy food to your diet.

Bijal's Transformation...

In Bijal's words, "I forgot how good it felt to eat more fruit, greens and smoothies untill I started doing it more consciously on the program!".

PCOS smoothie recipe

Bijan had been struggling with bad eating habits and was looking for a program to help her return to healthy habits. Having weekly phone calls with her nutrition coach Janani, and 24/7 text access to the team for questions only made her transformation journey smoother.

Bijal says, "I don't think there are many programs out there where you have a nutritionist available to you all the time. When I had questions along the way, it was not like I had to schedule a call and wait for weeks, but could immediately ask you".

As the program progressed, Bijan incorporated the things she learned every week into her daily routine. Starting from changing the skin and hair care products she was using, which contained hormone disrupting chemicals, to adding small bit- sized fitness activities and make easy nutritional swaps.

Worried about hormone disrupters in your beauty products? Check this article I wrote:

Bijan was also encouraged to maintain a food journal, which helped her stay accountable and motivated to eat healthily.

Weight loss came easy to her during the program. She lost 8 pounds of body weight in a mere 6 week period and strives to further get healthier in the coming months.

The full support provided by the program was a significant factor in Bijan's success. She found that clear guidance, backed by scientific reasoning, provided by her nutritionist helped her take the right steps in the right direction.

She also felt less stressed, as a huge part of the program teaches you to adopt techniques to manage stress levels better.

The lifestyle changes she learned during the program became a part of her everyday life, and she knew she would be able to maintain her healthy habits.

Overall, Bijan's experience with the program was positive and life-changing. She was able to overcome her bad eating habits and make a significant improvement in her health and well-being.

Interested in joining our PCOS reversal program? Fill in the free consultation form below and we will get in touch!

Benefits of a Plant-Forward Diet for PCOS Management.

A plant-forward diet focuses on whole foods, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes, while minimising or eliminating animal products.

indian food for pcos

Adopting a plant-based diet can have numerous health benefits, including:

  1. Weight loss: Plant-based diets are naturally lower in calories and fats, compared to animal-based diets, making them an effective way to lose weight.

    Our programs do not require clients to count calories or macronutrients. Clients eat to their heart's content and still lose weight! Bijal loved sticking to her favourite gujrati recipes, only made healtheir!

    Additionally, plant-based diets are typically more filling due to their high fiber content, which can help reduce hunger and promote weight loss.

  2. Improved Gut- Health: Plant-based diets are rich in fibre, which is literal food for your good gut microbiome. Bad gut health is the biggest predictor of hormonal imbalance. Having excess inflammatory gut bacteria like clostridium scindens can lead to more production of sex hormones, thus, making your PCOS symptoms worse.

    Our program focuses on including plants specifically targeted towards improving gut- health.

  3. Lower in AGE's: AGE'S OR Advanced Glycation End- Products, are compounds that cause inflammation and oxidation in the body. Both of these conditions can keep you in an hormonally imbalanced state. A plant- forward diet is naturally low in AGE's, thus, helping with reversing PCOS.

    Dairy products such as Ghee and processed meats have the highest AGE content.

A plant-based diet can provide numerous health benefits and promote overall well-being. In addition, it can be a sustainable and ethical approach to eating while offering delicious and nutritious food options.

Tips for Transitioning into a Plant- Forward Diet.

While the idea of giving up your favourite animal products can be daunting, taking small steps and trying new plant based recipes can make this processed easier.

In all, it is important to set your WHY right. WHY do you want to get healthier? Once you have your WHY right, you can work towards making lifestyle changes. Here are a few steps that might help:

  1. Start gradually: Maybe just swap your dinners for a plant- based meal? A small switch like using almond or cashew milk for your chai/ coffee instead of cow's milk is really a big leap!

  2. Introduce new foods: Every time you go shopping, try and pick a new vegetable or type of pulse. Even trying ancient millets instead of the boring rice can be enough to get your taste buds exited. Maybe introduce one new meal per week that is plant- based?

  3. Try different dairy alternatives: Do not like almond milk in your coffee? No problem, try coconut milk, soy, oats, pumpkin, peanut, cashew nut, rice milk, the options are limitless! If you do not have time to make them at home, try different brands till you find one that you like.

  4. Focus on whole foods: If you eat something, it should be whole foods. Avoid processed grains such as maida and white rice. Stick to whole grains, legumes, vegetables and fruits instead. Avoid peeling the skin of the vegetables too when you can and stick to whole vegetables.

  5. Plan: Planning your meals can help you stay on track with your plant-based diet. Stock up on healthy ingredients and plan your meals for the week ahead. Make a detailed grocery list and automate as much of the process as possible.

  6. Get support: Having support from friends and family who are also transitioning to a plant-forward diet can be helpful. You can also find support through online communities or by working with my team and I.

Overcoming lousy eating habits is essential for maintaining good health and well-being. Adopting a plant-based diet can be a powerful tool in their journey, offering numerous health benefits and a more sustainable and ethical approach to eating.

PCOS reversal is really lifestyle reversal. It is not about going on fad- diets, low calorie meal plans or over training to lose weight. It really is about nourishing the body and gut with the right kinds of lifestyle modifications.

Interested in joining our PCOS reversal program? Fill in the free consultation form below and we will get in touch!

Let's Just Talk. No Obligations.

I do free consultations every Tuesday's and Thursday's. Either way you will get some actionable tips to reach your fitness goals faster.

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