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But B12 though...

Do I need a B12 supplement?

But where do Vegan’s get their B12 from?! Oh if I got a brownie for every time I was asked this question.

Where do we find vitamin B12?

There are many people who believe that vitamin B12 comes only from animal flesh and animal secretions including cow’s milk, chicken, eggs, etc.

However, this is not true. B12 is produced by the bacteria living in the soil.

Vitamin B12 is, in reality, is not made by animals or even by humans. B12 is actually made by microorganisms that are found in the soil.

Now, if you are someone who is into gardening, you may probably be getting a little bit of vitamin B12 through your skin touching the mud.

But apart from that, we dont go out to play anymore nor talk nature walks. thus, all of us are deficient in B12.

Additionally, even if we sometimes happen to have sand on our hands, we tend to clean them off immediately, calling it ‘dirt’. We are constantly in a habit of ‘sanitizing our hands’. Although a good habit, given the current situation everywhere, this however becomes a reason to not get enough vitamin B12 in our bodies.

Some people may also not have access to such outdoor places near them to visit that often. Additionally, with the boom of hydroponic farming techniques now, you are barely getting any soil access.

Wellness tip of the day

Take a vitamin B12 supplement instead. They are easily available in the market and you can also consult with your doctor regarding the doses and types.

What does science say?

Deficiency of vitamin B12 leads to lack of energy, iron deficiency, brain fog, long term nerve damage, and much more. Unless you live in a farm, you need a B12 supplement.

A study conducted to review the health benefits of vitamin B12 found promising results in this regard. They aimed to see the association of vitamin B12 specifically with risk reduction for some chronic diseases and birth defects.

It was concluded that Vitamin B12 might confer several health benefits and help protect against chronic disease and neural tube defects.

Test your B12 levels and supplement when necessary.

Trust this helps,

Roshni Sanghvi.

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