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Plant Based Fitness Plan

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For some reason if you feel you have got the nutrition part covered but heard from a friend that I am a kick-ass trainer, then you heard right ;). Fitness is my first love and with three international certification’s (and a minimum of 2 new once done every year), I think I have a fair idea about how to work with any body type. Five plus years in the fitness industry and working with 100 plus clients personally and many more online has given me the practical knowledge of how to make people fall in love with fitness.

Don’t blame yourself for falling off the wagon you had no business getting onto in the first place. My parents forced me to go to dancing classes, swimming sessions, skating classes and what not while I was growing up. I tried everything to lose weight- but only for one to three months each. At the end of every session, I hate to dance, I cannot do it, it makes me conscious about my body. Thank God I discovered weight training five years ago. Nothing excites me as much as lifting heavy weight and listening to loud Bollywood music on the floor. It actually makes me happy. But I have clients who hate the gym and don’t want to ever enter the floor. My sister gets claustrophobic inside a gym. She started training with me and gave up on day 3. Does that mean she has low self- discipline or is lazy? No way! She loves squash and I can bet you anything she will beat your ass at it. Look up her Instagram and see for yourself how fit she is!

This plan includes access to my fitness app with daily exercise schedule, videos with correct form to help you follow the exercises and motivation tracker. The app tracks your progress, daily steps, food intake and much more. 

I want to make fitness easy for you. It should just merge into your schedule like playing with your pet or brushing your teeth.

This plan includes a workout plan based on your medical history, goals, convenience, health history, preferences etc. It also includes a lifestyle modification plan and connecting you with studio and experts around you if need be. Needless to say (and you probably have heard this from the person who referred you here), it includes constant motivation and support from me as and when you need it to stay on track and get closer to your goals. Oh PS: you don’t need a gym to follow the plan (great if you have access to one also!)

Let's Just Talk. No Obligations.

I do free consultations every Tuesday's and Thursday's. Either way you will get some actionable tips to reach your fitness goals faster.


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