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More Than Just A "Diet Plan"

PCOS Management requires a three- dimensional approach of changing not just your nutrition, but your fitness regimen and lifestyle as well. This holistic program explores just that. 

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Learn everything you need to know about PCOS reversal holistically:

  • Learn the truth about calorie intake and the secret to consuming the desired amount your body needs without counting or restricting calories.
  • Learn to reverse the hormonal havoc caused by fad diets and low carb diets. 
  • Learn to incorporate long-term changes in your life with step- by- step lifestyle guide.
  • Uncover the secret to enjoy your travel and vacation days without compromising your weight and healthy habits.
  • Get access to 111+ low- AGE recipes that are easy to cook at home and scientifically proven to reverse PCOS. 
  • Personalize your meals based on your lifestyle and dietary restrictions while working with a designated nutrition coach.
  • Get access to structured weekly meetings with an accountability manager to help you stay on track.
  • Work with an internationally accredited fitness coach through live online classes to stay motivated. 

Our clients love us

I had been struggling from irregular cycles for years, but within just a few weeks of being consistent with lifestyle changes, my cycles improved and weight loss became effortless! It was truly unbelievable how sustainable lifestyle changes are enough for weigh loss. No fad diets or calorie counting! I eat intuitively and continue to lose weight.

― Anvitha

When I was told I did not have to count calories and still would lose weight, I did not believe it honestly. But I am so glad to have trusted in Roshni through my wellness journey! I am nearing my 60's now and feel no older than 30. I work for 10- 12 hours per day, standing for most of it, and have no metabolic symptoms or diseases. I feel blessed!

― Archana 

I am personally so glad to have understood that PCOS Management is really 'lifestyle management'. I was pushed to taking more and more supplements every time I told my gym trainer that I was not losing weight. But no one ever understood that weight gain was really due to hormonal imbalance and nothing to do with my lack to hard work. Unless I made changes my lifestyle first to reach a hormonal balance, weight loss did not come to me. Today, I am in a much better place, physically and mentally. 

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