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PCOS Expert In Chennai - Roshni Sanghvi

Roshni Sanghvi is a globally certified nutritionist and even holds a degree in clinical psychology. Having graduated from Canada’s most prestigious school of nutrition, NutraPhoria, Roshni has created a client- base for herself not only in India, but among Indian NRI’s too.

Team RS has been proactively working with women across Chennai for nearly 10 years now, in their effort of making lifestyle changes for disease management.

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Roshni herself is a multi award- winning nutrition coach, who specialises in making specific and sustainable lifestyle changes for hormonal balance and disease reversal. She does not focus on nutrition alone, but changing your lifestyle habits to improve gut health, stress management and even circadian health.

What makes Roshni Sanghvi the best in Chennai for PCOS Reversal?

Roshni’s team is the only credited team in India that comprises not only of nutrition coaches, but gynaecologists, fitness experts, mental health counsellors and even recipe curators to give you a one- of- a- kind experience. Her continued urge to upgrade her education, ten plus years of experience, and directly working with thousands of women from Chennai is the driving force of motivation for her team. 

Medical doctors are often not taught nutrition through their residency, and nutrition coaches are not educated in the field of medicine. Roshni’s team bridges this gap with multiple experts working together for the clients wellbeing. So weather your goal is fertility planning, fibroids management, or PCOS reversal, all you needs are taken care of under one roof.

The Role of nutrition and lifestyle change for PCOS Reversal.

Nutritional changes are only one part of PCOS management. A huge part of PCOS management is making lifestyle changes that are sustainable. PCOS is a lifestyle disease after all. 

For example, did you know that skin care products such as your lotions, shampoos and even hand wash could have hormone disrupting agents? As part of a lifestyle change, Roshni will help you identify these and switch to brands that are free of hormone disrupters and even fit your budget.

Here is a client's personal journey of cyst reversal:

Just like this, there could be multiple other factors in your daily living such as your work timings, cooking equipments, cooking style, quality of groceries etc that worsen your hormonal health. Our objective is to help you understand the same and start making small changes that will have a monumental difference.

Chennai Lifestyle and Increase In The Number Of PCOS Cases.

Chennai, a major economic hub, with a thriving IT industry, has still managed to preserve its traditional charm. It truly is a unique blend of old-world charm and modern amenities.

However, our eating and lifestyle habits have changed more than ever. Many of these lifestyle and nutritional factors are also a cause for PCOS.

One in every four women in Chennai is said to have symptoms of PCOS or difficulty in conceiving. Just count the number of fertility clinics in your vicinity and you will realise what a growing market this is. But people 20- 30 years back did not have any problem with conniving babies or even menstrual irregularities.

Our lifestyle is partly to blame and our nutritional choices is the second reason. But both are very much under your control and can be changed with a little bit of effort and dedication. Our mission is to first, help you identify areas of changes, and next, to help you adapt to the new changes slowly, hand- held, till they become your new lifestyle.

How Can Team RS Help In PCOS Reversal?

Having worked with thousands of clients globally, Roshni has curated 12 very specific lifestyle changes that are necessary for PCOS symptom reversal. These changes are backed with science and easy to adopt. Our goal is to hand- hold you through them, while also working with our in- house doctor to help you reduce or even stop any medications you might be taking.

Besides this, our in- house psychologist’s can help you develop a positive relationship with food and even your own body image. We also have fitness experts on board to help monitor your physical activity and make changes to your routine as necessary.

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