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Un-junk yourself: the vegan healthy junk food guide

Sit down family meals are my favorite part of the day! I cannot ever give up on tasty food for anything (even abs). Growing up, I was never obese but neither was I lean or fit. It was only in 2015 that I started working on my fitness. Even then, I was very clear that I would not compromise on food to lose weight. Listed below are ten of my super favorite recipes I stick to on a daily basis and also the one that helped me drop close to 10 kilo's in less than 4 months!

Yes each one of them is super tasty and also very healthy. The mantra to healthy sustainable fat loss is really very simple! Stick to whole- foods and omit all dairy and meat from your diet! yes, all of it! Try and get organic produce if and when possible, and avoid overcooking food. This depletes it of all nutrients and vitamins.

Also, unless you are already in your ideal weight range and want to just drop the last 5 pounds, you really do not have to track calories or macros. Just eat intuitively and listen to body hunger signals. Eat when hungry and stop when full! Though many people stick to the three meals a day routine, I insist my clients to have two filler snack in between meals (one pre lunch and one pre-dinner). This could be your protein shake if it's around your workout, any fresh fruit not juice or vegetable smoothie/salad.

Apart from picking organic groceries, it is also essential to avoid all kind of processed food. Processed food is basically anything that comes in packets and is not wholegrains. When looking at a food product, read the nutritional contents, if it has any ingredients you do not recognize or cannot pronounce, you should probably not have it. I also avoid using any kind of cooking oil/ bakery produce and processed table sugar. Water works great to stir fry and does not alter the taste of food much!

What to expect

- Your definition of fat- loss food will change

- 10 delicious recipes to choose from.

- All recipes have details of calories/ macros etc.

- Recipes to nourish the soul while also healing the body.

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