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Client Testimony: Hemali's conquest over Type 1 Diabetes.

Client Testimony: Hemali's conquest over Type 1 Diabetes.

How many times have you heard that Type 1 Diabetes is permanent.

Once you have been dealt the genetic card, there is nothing you can do nutritionally to bring your disease into remission.

We often get clients ask us, that why even bother trying to eat right and work on their health when anyways they cannot reverse their disease. But often, we do not realise that diabetes, if not controlled for, can lead to many chronic diseases and even keeps you susceptible to auto- immune diseases. It is anyways important to eat right and make healthy lifestyle choices, but with diabetes, this becomes even more important.

While we have successfully reversed Pre- diabetes, gestational diabetes and even helped clients reach a full remission with type 2 diabetes, can patients with type 1 diabetes also see an improvement with lifestyle modifications?

Let's look at one among the many transformation stories from our clients here.

Meet Hemali S: Defying the Odds.

Hemali S, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 18, had a decade-long struggle to bring her HbA1C levels down. Routine insulin use became a norm and Hemali could never even imagine her disease would even come under control.

Fluctuating sugar levels lead to increased thirst and cravings, and this meant resorting to more junk food than ever before. Junk food consumption then lead to unwanted weight gain, drop in immunity and bad gut health.

This is rather common with people struggling from diabetes. They not only crave more food, but also tend to hold only more body fat than someone without the disease. Thus, leading to feeling of guild about food. Some client's even develop a negative body image. But no matter how hard they try to diet, weight loss can become a struggle unless the diabetes is not dealt with first.

type 1 diabetes reversal

However, all that changed when she made a life-altering decision to enroll in our Body Transformation Program, intended for weight loss.

But over the course of three months, Hemali's determination and positive mindset led her to not only:

  • reduce body weight,
  • but also reduce her insulin dosage by half,
  • improve her skin and gut health, and,
  • successfully lower her HbA1C levels which started over 9 to an impressive 6.

But most importantly, Hemali learnt to develop a secure and positive relationship with food!

The Initial Challenges: Overcoming Hypoglycemia and Caffeine Addiction.

When Hemali first started the program, she faced some significant challenges. Due to the high insulin doses she was asked to take by her doctor, she experienced morning hypoglycemic episodes, making it difficult for her to incorporate time-restricted eating, a crucial aspect of diabetes management.

Fortunately, with the help of a doctor on Roshni's team, Hemali's insulin dosage was adjusted, making time-restricted eating much easier for her, and she bid farewell to those troubling hypoglycemic episodes.

We also commonly see this among clients. Thanks to an information- loaded social media world, clients tend to self treat with half correct information that might actually do more harm to the body than good.

Now while Time- Restricted Eating (or the popularly used term Intermittent Fasting) is a fantastic tool for disease management and longevity, it must be used with caution for clients struggling with diabetes or other hormonal disorders.

time restricted eating for diabetes

Had Hemali been forced to follow an IF window without adjusting her insulin dosage, she would have risked going into coma from an hypoglycemic episode. But the diabetologist working on our team, having worked with hundreds of clients before knew exactly how much to tweek her dosage so she was comfortably able to make the lifestyle change.

Another obstacle Hemali encountered was her addiction to caffeine. Consuming as many as three cups of tea/ coffee per day left her jittery and triggered cravings for hyper-palatable foods like Khakra's.

Once again, getting to the root cause of the behaviour was important than to just ask her to stop caffeine. Hemali's circadian health was bad when she started working with us, thus, she was almost dependent on caffeine as soon as she woke up. This then lead to caffeine crashes and multiple cups through the day.

However, with guidance from the program, Hemali gained a deeper understanding of how caffeine affected her cravings. By making adjustments to her sleep cycle first, improving her deep sleep score and then tweeking her caffeine intake, she witnessed a significant reduction in her cravings, contributing to her overall well-being.

coffee and diabetes

Now because caffeine was also her comfort drink, we did not completely remove the same form her plan. But rather, just switched her to having it with plant- mylk instead of dairy and changed the time of her caffeine consumption.

The Power of Positive Lifestyle Changes.

Roshni Sanghvi's program encouraged Hemali to embrace positive lifestyle changes that went beyond mere dietary restrictions. Let's explore three key transformations that played a pivotal role in Hemali's remarkable journey:

1. Diverse Grains for a Healthier Gut

During the program, Hemali made a conscious effort to diversify her grain intake, incorporating a wide variety of grains into her meals.

This decision nurtured a healthier gut microbiome, which, in turn, helped reduce insulin resistance. Plant- diversity is the biggest predictor for gut health, which intern is a predictor of hormonal balance. Whole- grains on the other hand, are anti- inflammatory and healing.

The inclusion of diverse grains not only positively impacted her diabetes management but also introduced exciting new flavors and textures to her plate.

Hemali now routinely includes Ragi Mudde's, Foxtail millet khichdi and Jowar phulka's in her weekly menu.

2. Embracing Cruciferous Vegetables

Hemali also welcomed the addition of cruciferous vegetables into her daily meals. These nutritional powerhouses boosted her immune system and played a crucial role in combatting diabetes-related chronic diseases.

soup for diabetes

The incorporation of these veggies not only enhanced her physical health but also added a delightful variety to her culinary experience and helped her lose weight!

Cruciferous vegetables are rich in a compound called sulphoraphane. This super anti- oxidant delays fat absorption in the body and even reduces oxidative stress. Thus, helping the body fight diseases and heal itself.

From having an aversion for broccoli's to sharing her cute little broccoli soup pictures in the group routinely, Hemali was rather a motivation for everyone on the challenge.

3. Time-Restricted Eating Window

Through dedication and the right medical support, Hemali successfully adopted a time-restricted eating window. This lifestyle change significantly improved her insulin sensitivity and brought about positive changes in her diabetes management.

By adhering to specific eating hours, she not only regulated her blood sugar levels but also experienced an overall improvement in her well-being. Saying no to late night junk food and choosing the right food groups in the morning came much more easily to her.

A Life Transformed: Hemali's Journey to a Healthier, Happier Self

Hemali's dedication to the program brought about a complete transformation in her quality of life. From having to constantly carry her insulin pump and worry about her blood sugar levels, Hemali is now more energetic and vibrant than ever before. Her newfound confidence in managing her diabetes has allowed her to thoroughly enjoy her meals without fear, focusing on nutritious and delicious choices.

Furthermore, Hemali's skin health improved significantly during the program, and her overall bowel movements became more regular, contributing to her enhanced sense of well-being.

Conclusion: A Testimony of Triumph.

Hemali S's journey with Roshni Sanghvi's plant-based nutrition and disease reversal program stands as a powerful testimony to the potential of positive lifestyle changes in transforming lives.

With determination, guidance, and a focus on nourishing the body and mind, Hemali achieved what once seemed unattainable—a healthier and more fulfilling life despite battling type 1 diabetes.

If you're facing challenges with diabetes or seeking to improve your well-being, Hemali's story serves as an inspiring reminder that change is possible. Embrace positive lifestyle changes, seek the right guidance, and let the power of nutrition lead you to a brighter, healthier future.

Remember, as Hemali wisely says, "What you are not eating is not as important as what you are eating." So, choose wisely, and take that first step towards a transformed life!

Let's Just Talk. No Obligations.

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