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Which type of cookware is the best?

Posted on April 23 2022

Which type of cookware is the best? | Roshni Sanghvi

Is cast iron better than stainless steel?

We all come across the TV ads on the different options of cookware available in the market - from stainless steel, cast iron cookware to non-stick cookware.

It is true that everyone is concerned about health and are careful about the foods they consume and for health benefits.

But is that the same for the cookware we use?

Cookware matters a lot as every time we cook food, components of the cookware blends with the food we eat.

Stainless steel is generally considered safe for human health. This is why you will popularly see it being used in most kitchenware. Though there are some toxins in stainless steel like chromium, not much is leached into food being cooked and one can use this safely.

Stainless steel is also one I often suggest my clients make the switch to as it is economical and easily sourceable.

What about cast iron?

The other good option would be cast iron. Iron cookwear also leaches some iron molecules to the food being cooked, which is a good thing to prevent iron deficiency.

I would suggest avoiding deep frying in iron, as when high temperatures of the oil’s react with the iron, it generates toxic trans fats to the food. Trans fats lead to chronic inflammation, raise the bad cholesterol in the body and even leads to heart attacks.

How about non-stick pans?

Teflon should be a big- NO when cooking. Even while cooking once in a while like for making dosa’s, avoid Teflon pans at all cost. Research has linked the use of Teflon to various forms of cancers, pregnancy-induced hypertension, and even ulcerative colitis.

In fact, even female factory works who work in Teflon warehouses were found exposed to toxic chemicals and elevated cholesterol levels.

Teflon cookware actually comes with a warning that it should be used for slow heating temperatures, but when was the last time you made a dosa on a low flame?

One study also shows a 50% increased risk of colorectal cancer associated with using non-stick cookware.

What about air- fryers?

If you follow me on Instagram, you sure know my love for air- fryers! Well, you definitely cut down on the oils used for cooking, but are air- fryers healthy?

One thing to avoid cooking in air- fryers would be proteins. When protein molecules come in contact with high heat, they denature (change their chemical texture) and release something called AGE’s (advanced glycation end-products). These cause oxidation in the body, leading to reduced lifespan and even symptoms of PCOS.

So air-fried meat/ tofu/ tempeh would be a no. But air-frying carb-based food groups such as potatoes/ sweet potatoes/ roasting vegetables/ vada’s/ bhajiya’s etc is absolutely ok and not associated with side effects.

Trust this helps!

Roshni Sanghvi.


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