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What Is A Good Prebiotic Supplement?

Posted on April 23 2022

What Is A Good Prebiotic Supplement? | Roshni Sanghvi

Do I need Prebiotics?

Everywhere you go, there is hype for probiotic supplements as they are essential for your health. But did you know that you need prebiotic supplements more than probiotic supplements? Read this:

The health industry has overhyped probiotics for a long time. However, what you need, is prebiotic supplements.

Prebiotics is easier to find and available almost everywhere. The one I like to use is Psyllium Husk- Isabgol.

Prebiotics are fibres that humans can't digest but are food for gut flora. These types of fibre supply nutrients to the microorganisms in your gut that help you have a healthy digestive system and immune system.

A few other ones in the market are:

  1. Benefiber

  2. Inulin

  3. Methylcellulose

Wellness tip for the day.

Probiotics and prebiotics are hot subjects in the nutrition world right now. Despite their similarity in sound, the two perform distinct roles in your health. Probiotics are good bacteria, and prebiotics is nourishment for good bacteria.

I would suggest Isabgol or psyllium husk.

It's also a prebiotic fibre, which means it helps your colon's beneficial bacteria. Psyllium takes longer to ferment than other prebiotic fibres. As a result, it may release less gas and provide prebiotic benefits to the body.

The amount of psyllium for intake depends on the product they use and why they use it. Generally, consuming one tablespoon of psyllium husk in powder form is enough for maintaining gut health.

Even if you think you are getting enough fibre throughout the day, add this as it will help boost your gut health.

What does science say?

A 2019 study titled "Prebiotics: Definition, Types, Sources, Mechanisms, and Clinical Applications" concluded that prebiotics have a significant impact on human health, making them appealing agents for improving human life quality in the fight against cancer, vascular disease, obesity, and mental disorders.

In addition, Prebiotics appear to be a more practical choice, owing to their ease of production and formulation and the lack of a cold chain in transportation and storage. Prebiotics also have negligible adverse effects, which is a significant benefit.

There have been several studies on psyllium husk and its effects as a prebiotic supplement. We know that taking this prebiotic supplement has positive effects on digestive health and weight loss, heart health, diabetes, and many others. In addition, studies show that a healthy dosage of psyllium can control blood sugar in people with type-2 diabetes.

Trust this helps,

Roshni Sanghvi.


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