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Top 3 Vegan Butter or Ghee Alternatives.

Posted on April 23 2022

Top 3 Vegan Butter or Ghee Alternatives. | Roshni Sanghvi

Vegan Ghee in India- here are a few options!

A growing number of people are now opting for plant-based diet substitutes for health, environmental, or even ethical reasons.

From milk alternatives to vegan cheese, numerous plant-based products are on the market, including plant-based butter. 

Vegan butter is a non-dairy butter substitute that is typically made with oil such as olive, avocado, coconut, palm kernel oil, or also a combination of oils.

You also have the option of Vegan Ghee that can be used for regular Indian cooking.

Plant-based ghee might be low in saturated and trans-fatty acids and also contains no cholesterol. It is a great option for people with lactose intolerance along with the benefit of having a similar texture and taste as non-vegan ghee.   

Here are my top 3 vegan butter or ghee alternatives that you can definitely give a try: 

Good Mylk Vegan Butter.

It is a brand that delivers to almost all major cities in India. They also have salted butter options, and it is very flavorful.

Emkay Lite

This plant-based Ghee has become my personal favorite over time. This is because Emkay has an amazing, melting, ultimate gooey vegan Ghee that can also be great on roti’s! 

Though the Ghee has zero cholesterol, it is still high in fat and I would suggest consuming it sparingly.

Live Yum Premium Vegan Ghee 

Livyum has an amazing plant-based ghee that tastes exactly the same as regular ghee. It is a highly preferred ghee alternative in my household as well.

You can find all of the above, and many more vegan dairy alternatives here.

I cannot emphasize enough that the above are great options for people with lactose intolerance but should be enjoyed only from a taste perspective.

Using them regularly is not healthy. My Roti’s have been without Ghee for years now, but I don’t shy away from adding a little bit of vegan Ghee on my khichdi every once in a while. Enjoy them as a treat once in a while instead of making them a regular in your household.

Trust this helps!

Roshni Sanghvi.


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