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Thyroid- Reversible or not? - Roshni Sanghvi

Thyroid- Reversible or not?

Did you know that a low functioning thyroid can lead to obesity?

In the early stages of hypothyroidism, an autoimmune disorder, there may be no visible symptoms. Although, untreated hypothyroidism can lead to a variety of health issues over time, including obesity, joint discomfort, infertility, and heart disease.

To detect hypothyroidism, accurate thyroid function tests are available. Once you and your doctor have found the proper dose for you, synthetic thyroid hormone treatment is usually straightforward, safe, and effective.

But apart from that, you can also battle hypothyroidism by including a few lifestyle and nutritional changes. If detected early and adopting these changes at the right time, thyroid disorder is also reversible.

What major changes help the most.

My first tip to you would be to include iodine in your diet. Iodine is a component that the thyroid gland needs to produce thyroid hormones.

Because the body does not create iodine on its own, it must be obtained from the diet—and finding the appropriate balance is crucial. Iodine deficiency or overconsumption can cause or worsen thyroid illness, as well as cause other serious health problems.

Often times iodine is only found in seafood and vegetables. But they also come with a lot of mercury and sea toxins that are injurious to health. Using iodized salt at home is the safest bet. Not pink salt, not black salt, not Himalayan salt, but iodized salt. Pink salt doesn’t have iodine.

The second step that you will need to take is to cut off dairy from your diet. This includes dairy products as well. Dairy is a toxin to your body. The moment you consume dairy, white blood cells release antibodies to help your body get rid of dairy. These antibodies end up damaging your thyroid hormones which results in reducing its function. Switch to a plant-centric diet instead.

Food decisions can trigger autoimmune chronic diseases.

The third tip would be to add selenium-rich foods like brazil nuts to your diet. A nutrition plan for someone with thyroid needs to be specifically crafted to help boost gut health and nutrient absorption. Work with a specialist to help you manage the condition before it is too late.

What does science say?

A 2014 study on children showed that hypothyroidism is caused by severe iodine insufficiency, and it affects children's somatic growth and motor development. Iodine deficiency, both mild and moderate, causes multifocal autonomous thyroid development, which leads to thyrotoxicosis.

Another study titled “Decrease in TSH levels after lactose restriction in Hashimoto's thyroiditis patients with lactose intolerance” compared dairy consumption with thyroid disorder. The study showed that by just dropping dairy products, an improvement in thyroid function was observed.

Trust this helps,

Roshni Sanghvi.

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About Roshni Sanghvi

Roshni Sanghvi is an Indian plant-based sports nutritionist and body transformation specialist. She is the first Indian to represent on a national bodybuilding stage being on a 100% plant-based diet. Roshni is a holistic nutritionist, graduated from the prestigious NutraPhoria college of nutrition in Canada.

She is also an ACE-certified personal trainer, certified PlantFed gut coach, certified Bodyshred, and Animal flow instructor with a specialisation in disease reversal through food and lifestyle modification.

Her approach is more focused on helping you in adopting a healthy lifestyle. With her result-oriented holistic methods, she has managed to transform and reverse lifestyle diseases such as PCOS, Thyroid, Diabetes etc for 12k+ clients worldwide.