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Things Only Fitness Experts Knows

Posted on April 20 2022

What are some of the things only Gym Goer's Knows?

Recently someone asked me a question “What are somethings only Gym Goer’s Understand or Only Fitness Experts knows”.

Here is my reply to the same.

I have been working out ever since my journey for a healthy lifestyle began. Initially, it was solely for fat loss but once I drilled my commitment to the gym, I realized that I was receiving many more rewards!

Here are 12 things that only gym-goers will understand :

  1. Skipping leg day is a big No-No. Well, leg day is the day that you work out with the best measure of work from your heart and cerebrum. This expands your immunity, consequently expanding your calorie-burning both during and after the exercise. So skipping leg day implies you won't get the profits you are searching for from your gym routine.

  2. The sweet pain in the muscles after a strenuous workout.

  3. Nothing is as annoying as claiming to accomplish more reps while the whole gym sits nonchalantly on the treadmills, bicycles, and ellipticals.

  4. The joy of hitting the shower after a pumped-up gym routine!

  5. Spotting a newbie is easy for regular gym-goers. That is why we actively rush to your help!

  6. Forgetting your sweat towel! Nothing is more embarrassing than sweating up a machine with no way to fix it! -_-

  7. Losing your gym partner. Working out with a buddy is very motivating and addictive. There is nothing more painful than winding up alone at the gym with nobody to workout with! :(

  8. Hotels with gyms are like golden tickets to us! Time away from home is a change that is welcomed but not at the cost of missed workouts! :P

  9. Food Cravings. Friends and family might think we’re Superman of fighting junk food cravings, but we know the truth. We’re just as fast to fantasize about doughnuts as anyone else.

  10. Ignoring Gym Rules. It only takes one or two mishaps to make you realize you’ll never underestimate gym rules again.

  11. Others Ignoring Gym Rules. That being said, it can be hysterical to watch other people figure out why the rules are there – as long as they’re not seriously hurt.

  12. Health Benefits. At the end of the day, whether your gym is crowding with unique characters or not, the energy boost and overall healthy feeling of a regular workout are one-of-a-kinds.


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