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The Sugar In Fruits?

Posted on April 20 2022

The Sugar In Fruits? | Roshni Sanghvi

Which fruits are avoided for weight loss and sugar problems?

It is a common misconception that fruit sugars aid in weight gain and diabetes.

It is processed sugar, table sugar, fruit juices, carbonated drinks, and canned sugar that needs to be avoided for people with weight and diabetic problems.

Fruits are high in dietary fiber. Fibre NEVER gets stored in the body. It is immediately flushed out of the system. Fibers, in fact, bind to excess hormones and toxins and eliminate them from the body! They are super low in calories and loaded with nutrients.

If anything, fruits are essential and very good for the system. They have anti-oxidants and properties that replenish and rejuvenate the system.

Here are 10 fruits that aid in weight loss and boost your metabolism and immunity :

  1. Tomatoes

  2. Avocadoes

  3. Oranges

  4. Watermelon

  5. Strawberries

  6. Lemon

  7. Lime

  8. Guava

  9. Pears

  10. Grapefruit

Fruits are a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. These miracle compounds (phytochemicals), lower the risk of heart disease, cancer and stroke and maintain holistic well-being. So they become an important part of your diet if you are diabetic because the above problems are directly related to diabetes.

High fiber slows the digestion process and thus prevents sugar levels of the blood to spike.

It also keeps you feeling fuller for a longer period of time which prevents you from overeating and ultimately gaining unwanted weight!

Here are the 10 best fruits for people experiencing blood-sugar problems:

  1. Watermelon

  2. Pineapple

  3. Oranges

  4. Tomato

  5. Strawberries

  6. Blackberries

  7. Apricots

  8. Papaya

  9. Peaches

  10. Plums

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Roshni Sanghvi


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