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One more fat-loss trick without lifting your finger.

Posted on April 22 2022

One more fat-loss trick without lifting your finger. | Roshni Sanghvi

For all those who are looking for cheat tricks to lose weight without moving.

None of my fat loss clients ever count calories and still lose weight. How?

For me, adopting certain lifestyle changes pertaining to weight loss are mini ‘biohacks’ that I have learned over time.

It is like fooling your mind that you are eating a lot, when in reality, you are eating less even without calorie counting.

Let’s discuss one such biohack today.

Soup before dinner.

Now I am not talking about the elaborated manchow’s and miso noodle soup’s (though if you have the time to make these, go for it!), but very simple pureed vegetables.

I pick any three veggies from the fridge, boil them, and blend it all. If I am feeling fancy, I might add an onion/ ginger tadka. But mostly it’s just some salt, pepper, and seasoning.

Now how exactly does this help with fat loss?

Well turns out, that people who start their meal with a soup end up eating lesser than those who directly move to the main course.

So if on average you would eat 800 calories, by just adding a soup, you tend to eat up to 300 calories lesser.

Wait, let’s use logic here though. Won’t the calories from the soup add up and nullify the total calories from the meal as a whole?

As per this study, turns out, NO:

Even accounting for the extra soup calories, people tend to eat lesser and still feel satisfied by just adding a soup before a meal!

But why?

If I were to guess, I would say the answer is TIME.

A piping hot bowl of soup will take you about 20 minutes to eat. That’s enough time for your gut to signal your brain to stop eating.

Science on time for some other newsletter though.

For this weekend, have a bowl of soup before you start your dinner. Maybe add some green leafy veggies to it also.

Hope this helps,

Loving you always,

Roshni Sanghvi.


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