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How would you 'fix' a cheat- meal?

Posted on April 22 2022

How would you 'fix' a cheat- meal? | Roshni Sanghvi

Is there any superfood that will null cheat meal calories?

I often get messages from new clients panicking about having an unplanned cheat and feeling guilty.

Firstly, aim to reach a point where you do not look at food as ‘cheat’ and ‘diet’. Aim to reach a stage in your lifestyle where whatever is cooked by you or for you is food to nourish your body and excite your soul. It is only then that you see permanent results.

Ideally, your gut microbiome must be so healthy, that you do not crave food that does not do good to your body.

For example, if you are a vegetarian, will you crave for meat? Same way I do not crave ice creams and cheese after being Vegan for close to five years now. Sure I’ll still have some vegan ice creams sometimes, but that’s more out of temptations and not cravings.

What’s the difference between temptations and cravings?

If looking at the above picture made you drool for pani puri, it’s a temptation. But if you have been thinking about pani- puri all day today, it’s a craving. Read here to understand more.

But if you are still on your journey from craving to temptation’s, read on.

Instead of thinking of ways to “fix” unplanned cheats, why not understand what caused it in the first place and avoid it in the future. Let me share some real-life scenarios of some clients below:

1) “It was my colleague’s birthday so we went out for lunch. I carried my food but could not avoid going out”- That’s ok! Birthdays are celebrations and rarely come more than a few times a month. Stay away from desserts and alcohol, but it’s ok.

2) “I was working late at night and ended up eating chips”- Maybe next time have some popcorn (just kernels, NOT act-2) at home or make a batch of salsa to keep in the fridge. On night you know you are working late, try roasted potatoes and salsa or (my fav!) popcorn.

3) “I had a really good workout and randomly treated myself post that”- Post-workout we all are hungry and craving the most. Maybe carry a cup of grapes (something nibbly) with you to the gym and munch on the same as soon as you are getting out of the gym. Even if you don’t like grapes, it will keep you from an impromptu cheat.

4) “I was on my period and ordered a cake”- Same pinch! Personally speaking, period calories don’t count 😝 ITS OK! You are bleeding through your vagina. Enjoy that cake. With an overall healthy diet though, be self-aware of how your cravings keep coming down.

A few cheats here and there won’t affect your progress. Just get back on the wagon.

Loving you always,

Roshni Sanghvi.


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