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Healthiest Sprouts in the World

Are you eating them?

A handful of microgreens/ sprouts can be as healthy as having ten cups of vegetables themselves.

Everyone should try growing sprouts and microgreens at home. They require little to no maintenance, are packed with nutrients and cancer-fighting properties, and are easy to add to virtually any dish.

Do not feel like having a salad? No worries, throw some microgreens on your daal or sabzi!

But which particular ones are really the healthiest?

If you follow me through any social media, you know how much I love to talk about Cruciferous veggies. Among all types of veggies, these really take the crown.

They include Arugula, Bok Choy, Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Chard, Collard, mustard greens, Kale, Kohlrabi, Daikon radish, Radish, Horseradish, Turnip, Wasabi, and Watercress.

What does science say on the health benefits of Cruciferous Vegetables?

Apart from the taste, cruciferous vegetables are also highly beneficial for our health.

They are rich in nutrients, including several carotenoids (beta-carotene, lutein, zeaxanthin), vitamins C, E, and K, folate, minerals and are also a good source of fiber.

Numerous research studies have suggested that a diet rich in cruciferous vegetables may lower rates of various cancers, including breast, pancreatic, bladder, lung, prostate, and colon cancer. Along with its anti-cancer properties, it also helps with estrogen dominance (PCOS and perimenopause management), fat loss, and several other benefits for your body.

However, not everyone can consume cruciferous vegetables easily as they might sometimes not necessarily taste good. Microgreens to the rescue!

The easiest and healthiest alternative to cruciferous vegetables is broccoli sprouts. Tender baby broccoli plants, known as broccoli sprouts, are an increasingly popular health food.

Broccoli sprouts can be grown at home without hastle. A handful of broccoli sprouts is, in fact, equivalent to about 10 cups of broccoli.

Scientific evidence on benefits of Broccoli Sprouts

Broccoli sprouts have also shown promising results at treating or preventing several health issues such as cancer prevention, stomach ulcer treatment, and even mental health.

The majority of the health benefits of broccoli sprouts come from their high level of glucoraphanin, protecting against inflammation.

I suggest having a handful of these per day!

Share your sprouting pictures with me!

Hope this helps,

Roshni Sanghvi.

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