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Fitness for Busy Moms.

Posted on April 20 2022

Fitness for Busy Moms. | Roshni Sanghvi

How do you stay fit with no time to spare?

Are you a working woman and find it hard to stay fit with your busy schedule?

The below tips might help!

1) Priority: When we say “we don’t have time” we mostly mean that “it’s not yet our priority”. So try playing this game. Every time you check Facebook on your phone, do 5 jumping jacks. I know it sounds super silly but do it.

2) Try group fitness: Especially for women who do not know where to start or are too intimidated to try the gym for the first time, group classes are a great way to help you kick start. There are group classes for post-pregnancy, fat loss, strength gain etc. Just look up for something close to where you live.

3) Organize: Grocery shopping should only be once a week on a designated day. Meal preps should be no more than two times per week. Always have frozen veggies and fruits handy for quick stir fry and some healthy micronutrients.

4) Break it down: Forty minutes can be broken down into two sessions of 20 minutes each or even 4 of 10 minutes each. Every few hours set your watch to remind you to get up and take a 10-minute brisk walk/ stair climb around your work station.

5) Mix family time with fitness time: Schedule weekends for cycling, hiking, swimming, a day at the park, etc. Try and get in at least 2 such days per week so you get in a total of good 150 minutes of physical activity at least per week.

6) Bring fitness home: Hire a yoga instructor or personal trainer to come to train you at home. Contrary to the popular belief, they are actually cheaper to hire than hiring one at the gym. At the gym, you have to pay for the membership fees plus personal training.

7) Try online fitness: I have my online fitness classes happening two times a day. Women from all across the globe join in for a 60-minute session that is filled with laughter and fun! Check the same out by clicking here.

Hope the above helps!

Loving you always,

Roshni Sanghvi.


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