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Can you really live without food AND water? | Roshni Sanghvi

Can you really live without food AND water?

Breatharians do exactly this... let's explore how.

I recently came across the concept of ‘Breatharians’ and have since been amazed. Breatharianism is a way of living where you survive without consuming any food or water. Ok, what?! Yes!

I understand the no-food part. I know sunlight is enough for survival and if, through multiple practices you are able to boost your natural energy levels, your need for consuming food as a source of energy decreases.

But no water!?

Well, apparently there is enough moisture in the air for our body to absorb and all we need to do is connect with the universal energy. I will leave you with this video to connect with a living Breatharian:

WARNING: I do not recommend this way of living, nor do I practice it.

But surely there are so many things we can learn from Breatharians to help us boost our natural energy levels. So often during my consultancy, I come across people who seem to be doing everything right but still struggle with low energy levels.

In fact, a good nutrition plan will also only work on your body if you are inclined to the universal energy levels.

So how do I boost my energy levels naturally? Try making some of these points a part of your lifestyle:

  1. Sunlight exposure: Within just 24 hours of sunlight exposure, you can change the expression of up to 2000 genes in the body. Aim to get out between 6 am and 10 am for 20 minutes at least.

  2. Practice ‘qi gong’: This ancient healing technique is often referred to as moving meditation. It would be a great investment to find a Qi- Gong class in your locality or even take one online. Thanks to the pandemic, there are world-class instructors offering Qi- Gong classes online now.

  3. 20 minutes of barefoot walking every day: When was the last time you stepped on the floor? Rubber insulates the ions earth emits. Schedule a time of the day to walk barefoot. Even if it is just at home.

  4. Gardening: Primary reason for vitamin b12 deficiency is that we do not touch soil anymore. Microbes in the soil make vitamin b12 and exposing ourselves to the mud helps the body absorb b12. Make gardening a family event. You do not have to spend hours plowing your little garden, but a few pots and a kitchen garden is enough. Maybe even taking care of a few pots in your bedroom or living room.

  5. Hugs: Did you know that infants who receive hugs from their mothers experience lesser sensations of pain during medical procedures? Hugging is really a transference of energy between people.

  6. Own a pet: Now this to me was the most mind-boggling to read. If you have been following my journey on Instagram, you know that I am doing a certificate on gut microbiome. Studies in infants and young children have shown that early-life exposure to household furry pets increases the richness and diversity of the human gut microbiome’! Gut diversity is the number one factor to determine lifestyle diseases and energy levels.

How often do breatharians eat?

Breatharians believe that they can survive on "prana" (the Hindu idea of energy or lifeblood) provided by solar rays, the air, and the energy surrounding them, rather than eating food or drinking water.

  • In extreme circumstances, breatharians claim to be completely devoid of food and water.
  • A slightly more level-headed set of breatharian " gurus " encourages small amounts of food throughout the week, such as a small bite of fruit or some soup.
  • Meditation, yoga, and breathing exercises are recommended for supporters to enhance their openness to receiving prana from the air around them.

Most gurus propose a two-to-three-week "tapering down" period during which followers are guided through the transition from eating using the methods described above.

Do Breatharians drink water?

Breatharians claim they don't need food or water to survive.

Breatharians are people who claim to live only on air to achieve the highest level of spirituality. They believe that a human body should be able to sustain itself without food or water.

How long do Breatharians live?

Food and water are essential for survival. Unfortunately, many Breatharians have died as a result of malnutrition and dehydration.

Regardless of what the inner voice says, science says that the human body cannot exist for long without food and drink. Yet, some Breatharians claim to live healthy lives without food or drink, despite scientific evidence to the contrary. For example, Wiley Brooks, the founder of the Breatharian Institute of America, claims to have been a Breatharian for approximately 30 years. Wiley was also caught eating a chicken pie once and has lost his credibility since them.

Another well-known Jain monk, Hira Ratan Manek, claimed to live without food, but just on water and solar energy for 411 days. His website mentions several scientific research. However, the experts' bias appears to be in question.

Once again, might sound an as interesting phenomenon, but I strongly stand against the same.

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