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6 Ways Milk Is Adulterated

Posted on April 23 2022

6 Ways Milk Is Adulterated - Roshni Sanghvi

Over 68 percent of the milk sold does not meet food safety and standards.

Had a client once tell me that store-bought soy milk has a lot of added ingredients such as emulsifiers and oils. She argued that cow’s milk is better than that.

Sadly, cow’s milk packaging does not really require them to mention all the adulteration that goes on behind the scene.

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Right from the moment, we are born till old age, milk is said to be good for our body. But who decides that it’s good? There have been innumerable reports and studies about milk adulteration. This clearly raises questions and concerns about the purity of milk.

Milk adulteration comes with serious health issues. It’s not only unhealthy but is dangerous to consume milk at the rate at which it is adulterated.

  1. There are various ways in which milk is adulterated. Detergents are added to milk. These are carcinogenic and are known to play a major role in causing cancer.

  2. Apart from that, paint is also added to milk to increase the thickness and viscosity of milk. This may lead to severe health issues related to the kidney and stomach.

  3. Another factor is the use of growth hormones on animals. Animals are constantly given growth hormones to increase the production of milk. This is done only because it is profitable to the dairy farms. There are various negative effects of these hormones in the human body.

  4. If you’re drinking milk and find blood or puss cells, it won’t be an uncommon sight. Animals are milked with machines till the animl runs dry and blood often pores down with the milk.

  5. Since the cows are kept in horrible conditions and constantly milked without any regard to the animal, it causes many infections in the animal. These infections are easily transferred to the milk you drink.

  6. Antibodies are another case of adulteration in milk that is injurious to your health. With Covid-19, this situation has become even more grave. Due to the infections, the animals are given antibodies. These antibodies are in every way unhealthy for your glass of milk.

The best way to avoid any health issues from adulterated milk is to stay away from consuming it.

Milk is a toxic mix of cholesterol, sex hormones, and saturated fats even if it isn't tainted.

It's horrible to think that in the name of health, parents compel their children to drink this pus juice. You neither need milk or any of its products to lead a healthy life. Around the globe, a plant-based diet is accepted as the best way to thrive.

What does science say?

As scientific as the problem may seem, milk adulteration is to many extents a social problem. Considering the aspect of financial gain, studies have also paved an understanding of how lack of adequate monitoring and law enforcement is a major descendent of milk adulteration. At this point, combined efforts from both scientific communities and regulatory authorities are a must.

Another study, “Milk Adulteration: A chronic fear of real time,” concludes that milk's supposed nutritional value, combined with its relatively inexpensive cost when compared to other protein sources, has made it a staple of many people's diets around the world.

However, rising global demand has put milk at risk of a wide spectrum of fraudulent behavior. Milk can be contaminated to the point where it has a significantly lower nutritional value and can also be dangerous to public health.

Trust this helps,

Roshni Sanghvi.


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