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What MUST go in your daily salad?

Are you adding these to make your salad more nutritious.

Five things that MUST go into your salads…

  1. Salads must be synonymous with fiber:

A minimum of three raw vegetables. Two raw vegetables and one fruit is also acceptable. Fiber from raw foods have live prebiotics and heal your gut.

  1. One source of healthy (whole)- fats:

I do not mean salad dressings with oils and saturated fats, but 1 heaping tablespoon of nuts/ seeds/ olives or avocadoes! You could make a salad dressing with avocadoes too.

  1. One cruciferous vegetable:

Cruciferous veggies like cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, and Kale trigger a chemical reaction when consumed, releasing isothiocyanate (ITCs) in the body. What do these ITCs do? Prevent you from cancer and heal inflammation. Want more reasons to consume these? They help burn stored body fat!

  1. Greens!

If you have been following my newsletters, we have already discussed the importance of green leafy veggies like lettuce and basil. From pumping your body with phytochemicals to providing the highest nutrient value per calorie, greens have multiple functions. Add a handful of rocket leaves, basil, or watercress to make your salad nutritious.

  1. Aromatics:

Aromatic herbs like onions and garlic have a compound called allium. Allium is converted to allicin in the body. Allicin has a four-fold function in the body, acting like an:

  • Anti-bacterial

  • Antiviral.

  • Anti-parasitic.

  • Antifungal.

Simply put, regular consumption of the same boost immunity.

Need I mention here the importance of consuming one serving of salad before your meal daily?

Loving you always,

Roshni Sanghvi.

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About Roshni Sanghvi

Roshni Sanghvi is an Indian plant-based sports nutritionist and body transformation specialist. She is the first Indian to represent on a national bodybuilding stage being on a 100% plant-based diet. Roshni is a holistic nutritionist, graduated from the prestigious NutraPhoria college of nutrition in Canada.

She is also an ACE-certified personal trainer, certified PlantFed gut coach, certified Bodyshred, and Animal flow instructor with a specialisation in disease reversal through food and lifestyle modification.

Her approach is more focused on helping you in adopting a healthy lifestyle. With her result-oriented holistic methods, she has managed to transform and reverse lifestyle diseases such as PCOS, Thyroid, Diabetes etc for 12k+ clients worldwide.