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Post COVID- Road to Recovery.

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This program was launched considering the need of the hour. Having personally been affected by COVID pneumonia, going through a week of hospitalization, and taking steroids, I have used the principles from this program to recover and bounce back to work in 7 days only. 

Right nutrition play's a very important role in post COVID recovery.

The body is often deprived of essential minerals and vitamins due to steroid and anti-biotic administration. Gut- health also takes a toll, since the antibiotics wipe out the good bacteria with the bad. 

This plan is a six-week plan to help you bounce back to health and improve gut function. It is specifically curated to include foods that reduce inflammation, heal the gut and load the body with lost vitamin stores. 

Doctors mention to 'eat healthy' to recover fast, but no one really tells what to eat. This plan was created with the goal to help you understand what food groups to choose from to heal fast.  

This plan is for everyone recovering from COVID. It will greatly help if you are struggling with other lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, cholesterol, PCOS, thyroid, hypertension etc. 

Consider this as a long-term investment for your health. 

What it includes -

  • Initial consultation with Roshni Sanghvi.
  • Bi-weekly meal plan.
  • Detailed grocery list. 
  • Detailed recipe list. 
  • Weekly wellness tips.
  • Weekly follow-up calls for accountability. 
  • Weekly virtual meditation sessions for mental health.
  • Weekly virtual pranayam sessions to boost lung capacity. 

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